Oh, yeah, it’s February again

Time for my annual reminder, and part of this is regurgitated, but only because I’m in a rush at the moment — if you’re suffering for any reason — February seems to be a particularly bad month for this problem in my world — AND IF YOU ARE IN DANGER OF HARMING YOURSELF, PLEASE SEEK OUT SOMEONE TO TALK TO.  February is a really hard month for many of us. Me, too. So let’s just take it hour by hour, day by day; let’s just concentrate on getting through this minute. If you’re reading this and don’t or can’t believe that anyone you know would understand what you’re going through, please consider trying to speak to someone anonymously. Two years, ago, Karen offered some suggestions for finding someone anywhere in the world who doesn’t know you, won’t judge, and will listen to you talk about your situation without prejudice as to how you should deal with it.

Spring is just around the corner.

~ by Servetus on February 4, 2014.

12 Responses to “Oh, yeah, it’s February again”

  1. Reblogged this on Swooning Maruca and commented:
    You don’t need to tell me how you feel but I’m here to listen if you need me.


  2. thank you for caring!!!


  3. Nobody understands what I’m going through.:(


    • I know (((MoonRAker )))


      • Do you really know? It’s been nearly 2 years now and everyday I wake up with a dreadful feeling of depression in my stomach. My Doctor tells me to exercise more and get out and that’s all right during the day but first thing in the morning it all comes back.


        • Two years of depression ?…You are right MoonRAker I can’t imagine that. My episodes of depression were short and intense .


    • I wish I could help you — but I’ve spent a lot of time on the last two days with an old friend who’s regularly challenged this time of year — and I can’t keep up with the people in my RL who need an ear right now. Is there anyone you can talk to? Or maybe you want to talk to lamaruca? I could put you in touch. Meanwhile I’m praying for you.


      • Thanks Serv, but I don’t think praying will help me. I feel that God has forsaken me as well. I’ve upset so many people, too many to forgive me.


        • I don’t know your concrete situation, so I can’t say. I think that odds that G-d ultimately forsakes anyone are low, even though you feel that way. I wish I could say something to ease your situation.


  4. Wow, this is really thoughtful of you! ❤


    • Thanks, but I think it’s just something we all need to be aware of right now — it’s a bad time of year. April and November hit others hard, for whatever reason February is brutal in my circle of friends. Maybe because it just seems like winter will never end …


  5. […] might not have been the best week for many of us (please remember that there are people you can talk to), but thanks to a good Armitage cheer even the most gloomy of days become […]


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