“Best of” moments in Ocean’s 8

Surprisingly, my uncle showed up today and offered to take dad out to run errands and do odd jobs with him — half an hour before the last scheduled showing of Ocean’s 8. So I did get my last, impractical viewing of Claude Becker et al. in, entirely alone as I was the only person at the noon matinee. In honor of the film’s closing in my town, here’s a bit of a sendoff of some of my favorite moments after an embarrassing number of viewings.

Best unidentified shoplifted gift

Lou seems skeptical of Debbie’s gift.

I guess I’m not enough of a makeup maven, but since I’ve never shoplifted at Bergdorf Goodman (or even been in Bergdorf Goodman), I have no idea what it was and why Lou was so unenthused.

Best deer in the headlights moment

“What big eyes you have!.”
“The better to stun you with, my dear.”

She looks just a little bit dizzy.

Best use of historic NYC-area architecture

Concourse from the former TWA flight center.

This was mildly inspired, I thought.

Dumbest mobilization of a stereotype

Rose Weil bemoans her failed show.

Really? Nutella? Was this necessary?

Most obtrusive hint that they want to get George Clooney involved again

The camera focuses on a picture of Danny Ocean as Constance asks if Debbie is sure he’s dead.

But will he be cute enough after his accident?

Runnerup best cinematographic moment

Amita looks through her jeweler’s loop and sees Debbie upside down. I just thought that was neat. I also really liked both of their outfits in this scene.

Most polite refusal of mansplaining

Amita and Rose indicate their readiness to have “a much longer conversation” about the Toussaint.

I really loved this moment of polite insistence. (I also liked Rose’s sudden pulling it together to convince M. de la Rébroussard to lend them the necklace.)

Best MIB moment

Need I say more?

Best parody of an MIB moment

No caption needed here either.

Moment I need to spend the least possible time thinking about

Tammy explains chiggers to Eaddy Kiernan.

Realizing that Tammy had to infest the previous event planner with chiggers in order to get her job was the “crime” that bothered me most in the film. Not sure why.

Best scene in the film, drama-wise

Debbie and Lou argue about the decision to target Claude.

(This time seriously.) This is not a film with a lot of heavy meaning — but this scene comes closest and Blanchett and Bullock do a skilled job with it, keeping it from being overwrought but also making clear that this is an important moment in the two thieves’ relationship.

Bit part actor with whom I have the most sympathy

Whitney White as Cynthia.

We see her twice. In the first scene Daphne is abusing here, but in the second she has a ton of opportunity to act, i.e., to respond, but not too obviously, to the diamonds. Great actors in the room and Ms. White has to emote in the direction of a necklace. Sigh. She’s a graduate of a reputable acting program (Brown, MFA) and I hope that in ten years we’re looking at this screen shot and laughing after she’s gotten her first Academy Award nom. And I hope this at least paid her rent.

Best networked little sister

Did you notice all the antennae?

Laying aside that Veronica (Nathanya Alexander) saves the entire heist, did you notice how many weird electronic things are bolted to Veronica’s fire escape? This chick is most definitely up to no good.

Most obvious castration metaphor

Lou picks up her electric knife.

When asked for a gyro after the fake halal food cart has closed, Lou accedes to the request after initially refusing, but with a threatening wave of her knife. Do you think he got his gyro?

Best cinematographic moment

The poisoned soup makes its way to the table.

I love the winding, snaky path the ill-fated dish takes to the table and the way that the camera follows the waiter’s steps. #vegansoup

Best cinematographic moment, second runner-up

Loved this shot above the stalls in the women’s bathroom, showing Constance locking all the doors.

Are you confused about my ranking, now?

Best upcycled jewelry from the Toussaint

Nine-Ball exits the Met Gala.

Of all the jewelry pieces created by Amita (Mindy Kaling) on the fly, this was my favorite — the “hand harness” worn by Nine-Ball. In combination with Rihanna’s right hand tattoo, it’s an eye-popping look. (Not that Rihanna needed any more, what with that dress. Wow.)

Best sashay

Tammy exits the Met Gala.

Did anyone else love the way Tammy walks in her Met Gala dress?

Worst acting from a cameo celebrity

Zac Posen listens to Daphne’s anecdote about her encounter with the Queen of England.

Zac, you seem really sweet on Project Runway, but you would definitely be a candidate for the Daphne Kluger “I Know Bad Acting” Award.

Biggest ADR continuity fail

The lovebirds after the recovery of the fake necklace.

At the conclusion of the Gala, Claude says to Daphne, “feeling better?” It’s a great scene with eyelashgasm; however, Armitage says “feeling beddeR” and not what I think Claude would say: “Feeling BET-tah?” It’s a weird slip that also makes me wonder where Armitage’s own accent is at the moment. Are you spending too much time with Americans, Mr. Armitage?

Best Met Gala outfit from a thief not actually attending the Gala

Lou meets up with Debbie after the Gala is over.

Totally over the top, and I’m not sure why she needed to dress up anymore at this point, but I loved it.

Weirdest cliffhanger

Debbie crosses off the penultimate item on her “not a list.”

Is this a reference to the other films or something? I didn’t understand what any of these things referred to.

Scene most totally overwhelmed by a background more interesting than the dialogue

John Frazer interrogates Kyle McCallister (who, unsurprisingly, is real life Gideon Glick. This was a miscast to me, not that it matters much.)

Every tie I saw the film I found myself focused on the background.

Most annoying repeated characterization gesture

Daphne loves her job.

This move really grated on me after a few watches.

Moment most likely to make feel hungry

The heist after-party.

Something about that pizza made me want it every time. I haven’t gotten around to getting any so far, though.

Favorite silly story about where those diamonds came from

Mary Louise Wilson explains how she came by the diamonds. “Take these, my mother said. Now go.”

All these moments were fantastic, though.


I hope these have been fun. Did you have a favorite (or least favorite?) moment in the film?


~ by Servetus on August 3, 2018.

30 Responses to ““Best of” moments in Ocean’s 8”

  1. Really enjoyed this post! I’ve only seen the film once, so it’s fun to see the details that you enjoyed. I do love details in film. I missed the “hand harness.” That style of bracelet is typically referred to as a slave bracelet, something I can’t imagine that the costumers wouldn’t have known. I’m sure they were aware of the name’s history (just check Wikipedia), so choosing Rihanna to wear it makes me wonder if they were thinking in the BDSM category for her character, which is kind of funny.
    Also, regarding Lou’s dressing up at the end – wasn’t she part of the help during the heist? Which would mean that in order to wear the jewelry, she would have had to have been wearing something comparable to it in order to leave the Met in plain sight. Or am I missing something? Or not remembering something (which is probably the case since I only saw it once)?
    Thanks again, and so glad you were able to have that unexpected time for yourself. Positive vibes to you and your dad. 💛


    • 🙂 Well said!
      After all those photos, I have to buy the DVD next saison .

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    • wow — I did know that was what it was called (I googled hand jewelry or something like that and got “hand harness” on images. However, there’s also the whole “descendant of enslaved people” thing going on there. No idea how they saw it.

      re: Lou’s dress — Lou leaves the Gala in the van (driving the jewels away) — she’s the only character who doesn’t leave the party by the front door.


  2. For me the hands down best moment was after the slap heard around the world w Claude’s reaction to Daphne then Daphne mounting
    Claude. I thought where that was placed in
    the film was brilliant. This post is so great I
    missed the antennas totally and the jewelry piece Rihanna wore exiting the Gala. So glad you were able to see O8 at your cinema as one last hurrah quite fitting I think. Glad your uncle
    was able to spend time w your dad too. Hang in there!!

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  3. The ‘gift’ to Lou had one of those anti-theft tags, a piece of plastic that needs a special device to twist and take off. The Bay in Winnipeg, or was it Sears back in the day, had those tags. AS for moments after seeing the film four times (for the record I saw Avengers: Infinity war around five time, the first Avengers film holds the record at nine. So, not silly at all Serv and you are entitled to it.)

    Favourite Moments:
    1. The dress Mindy Kaling wore in the Cartier scenes. I want that dress. However, it’s an Alexander McQueen dress that has a HUUUUUUGE price tag.

    Pretty much the way Armitage’s eyes go wide after ‘the slap,’ Claude has a naughty streak in him.
    The bubbles scene gets a laugh each time I watched it.
    Awkawfina’s scenes with Sandara Bullock. ‘What are you? A tourist?’ after learning Debbie doesn’t have a Metrocard. I nearly wanted to shout ‘I was a tourist and got one to ride the subway’ to the screen. (It’s in my wallet and I take it out to look at it fondly. It’s a reminder of my trip in Feb 2016 BT.)
    The ending and the sneaking suspicion Danny Ocean is not dead. I also hope Julia Roberts gets cast in the sequel, no Danny, this time she teams with the girls on another heist.
    Sneaking suspicion #2: The Russian dude owning those other jewels will want to get those back and the girls will me a big, big trouble. That did not feel like a throwaway line to me but I can be wrong.

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    • And the formatting gets messed up upon posting the above comment. eye roll


    • Aha!!! an anti-theft tag. I do so little shopping that I’ve sort of lost track of that stuff.

      1. Kaling dress. Yes. Beautiful dress.
      2. Bubbles scene — yeah, that was really popular.
      3. Metro card — also agree. I had one (and gave it away to a beggar at the airport)
      4. I have no feelings about Danny not being dead, except that I think the film is more or less pushing that in our face.
      5. Agree re: Russian dude. It would be so timely at the moment.

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  4. Lol!! Glad to see I’m not the only one who enjoyed watching Richard’s reaction to getting slapped. 😂

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    • You’re definitely not — and it was a really convincing bit of acting (keeping in mind that actors don’t actually slap each other i situations like this)

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  5. I saw the movie only once. But I have two favorite moments, of course with Claude Becker. 😉
    The first was a card game with Daphne, not because of the consequences of this game, but because RA using his micro-expression here in miraculous and fun way shows Claude’s emotional change. Slap and he knows what to do. 🙂 The second, when the character played by C.Corden came to Claude. Claude body language was incredible in that scene. He sat on the edge of the chair with his feet outstretched under the table and he was so hellishly self-confident that he almost bordered on impudence.
    I admit, I really liked the way Richard played this character.

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    • I loved the body language in both those scenes, too — and just what you pointed out, the way he puts his feet under the table. Impudent is such a great description.

      I feel like we keep discovering new capacities he has, and almost by accident.


  6. You make me regret that I decided to wait for the DVD. All month I felt like I wasn’t in the mood for this movie, but reading your posts, especially this one, I wish I had seen it. Ah well, you saw it enough times for the two of us 😄

    It’s nice that you got time for yourself and could see it one last time.


    • LOL, for more than the two of us. The ticket website I get my tickets through sends a coupon for a free movie poster with each ticket purchase, and eventually they stopped sending them — I think they decided they were putting themselves at risk of insolvency. Honestly, though, I totally understand the impulse to wait if you’re watching a dubbed / synchronized version. His voice is a big piece of his appeal.

      thanks for the good wishes.


      • LOL you could launch a movie poster store online.

        Ah yes, The Voice. I want to hear Richard, not a french counterfeit, and where I live it can be complicated to see the original version of movies.

        But the main reason I didn’t see it is that the film’s universe, or the idea I have of it (glamorized crooks, money, luxury…) doesn’t appeal to me. Your posts piqued my interest, though, and I will watch the DVD. You managed to sell that movie to me when Armitage himself could not 😁


        • I think that’s a fair reservation about the film. I ended up thinking that the film was actually mocking all that stuff (money, prestige consumption, glamorous crooks), but it’s true that all that stuff is present and it’s a fine line.

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          • Yeah I thought the writer and director were kinda stabbing back and poking fun at all the extremes today of wealth, social media, glamor, celebrities some of it done overtly and a lot of it done subtly and tongue in cheek.

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            • Interesting. I’m curious to see if it will feel like satire to me.


              • Servetus does a fantastic job of breaking the
                finer elements of the movie down and boy I
                missed a lot even after 2 viewings. I think the women and Richard didn’t take themselves
                too seriously in the movie rather playing on
                the themes so in that sense plus w NYC as
                the backdrop and the MetGala as another
                character in the movie the blah writing kinda
                got shoved to the background. I think also there were a lot of inside jokes and jabs
                that I as an average viewer would miss. But
                I like that about a movie.

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              • Some of it depends on whether you’re au courant with stuff that has not that much to do with the film (e.g., if you recognize Anna Wintour and know what her general reputation is; if you’re aware that of Anne Hathaway’s reputation and that there’s a whole group of fans who hate her, so called “Hathahaters”; I think it’s also arguable that the film is sticking its fingers in certain US racial stereotypes). But it’s very subtle.


                • Anna Wintour’s reputation has reached even the rock I live under, but I knew nothing about Anne Hathaway. I suspect clever encrypted allusions and inside jokes will go right over my head. And even if I was familiar with all this, my ability to detect irony can get glitchy sometimes.

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  7. I like your comment about himssaying “bettah in stead of better” I agree I do hope Richard is not spending too much time playing American characters. Would be a shame to lose that sexy accent.

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    • I don’t think he’ll ever lose it entirely (he would have by now if that were going to happen) but he might have to take some refresher lessons. I know Gary Oldman has taken British speech / accent refresher sessions.

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  8. 🙂 What I like in Ocean’s 8?
    Au premier abord, une sensation de déjà vu de feel at home:
    – Entirely shot in natural settings in New York (remind me LLL journey);
    – the French Touch: at the beginning, on the wall of the nightclub of Kate Blanchett is projected “Jules and Jim” a François Truffaut’s s movie; the soundtrack included a Charles Aznavour’s song (I wrote about it a few days ago) and the Cartier House with its New York officials with a good French accent (mine)
    et plein d’autres choses…


    • Yeah — there was definitely a love song to NYC humming in the background.

      What I liked about the Cartier scenes with “M. de la Rébroussard” (or however that would be spelled) is that they were simultaneously funny to Americans because they embody the stereotypes through which Americans see the French, while being, as you say, responsible in terms of accent, etc.


  9. If you ever figure out what that list was, please share. None of us have figured it out.

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    • I haven’t seen the other films, so I thought maybe it referred to those. I think it’s weird that it comes up so many times, and then we never find out what it is. The items on it are all weird, too. Maybe it belonged to an earlier iteration of the script that got changed, but they couldn’t cut it out completely or something.

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  10. Thanks to all of you for the good wishes.


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