Miscellaneous stuff I wanted to say today

1. Ramadan Mubarak! to all my Muslim friends!

2. Transformers opened with $100 million weekend. If all those people noticed the Into the Storm trailer, a lot of publicity was transacted. Hoping for a big success.

3. 401 years ago today, during a production of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII, the original Globe Theatre burned down. The fire was started by a malfunctioning stage cannon. So acting’s always been dangerous.

4. Zee’s Muse offers some Richard Armitage-related comfort to people going through struggles at the moment. Even if your theater isn’t burning down around your ears, this is a sweet post.

5. If you’re looking for a collection of selfies from the stage door of the Old Vic of all ages and sizes, check out Richard Armitage Venezuela, who seems to be amassing them.

~ by Servetus on June 29, 2014.

10 Responses to “Miscellaneous stuff I wanted to say today”

  1. I didn’t say anything about the preview to Allen when we went to Transformers on Friday. I wanted to see what he had to say about it.
    He said, ‘It looks good. Looks like a remake of Twister but what isn’t a remake anymore. He sounds weird as an American, but I wouldn’t have guessed he was British, if I hadn’t already been so incredibly aware he was British. We should go see it.’
    Incredibly aware? whatever.
    We should see…..mmmm…maybe that backfired on me a little. lol
    He didn’t notice the hair and shook his head at me when I mentioned it. Then I said we should stop at Sams Club and we were on safe ground again.


  2. Saw the new Transformers today. Film isn’t bad but it is too long for what it is. Great trailer for Into the Storm and I think there was more to it than the one I saw online but perhaps I just missed those parts. Seemed like there was a lot more RA. Now the question is would you go see this movie even if RA wasn’t in it?


    • I probably wouldn’t — but I’m not in its target audience. My main question is: are the people who are supposed to like it, whom they are focusing their marketing on, going to like it?


  3. Aw thankyou! Ramadhan Mubarak to you too! x
    I pray that Allah/God showers His Peace,Mercy and Blessings on all and especially those that are hurting, lonely, in danger, in war zones. Ameen.


  4. I saw Transformers yesterday and unfortunately my theater did not show the Into The Storm trailer. I was quite disappointed as I had refrained from watching it online so I could see it on the big screen.


  5. Hey, thank you for linking to my Ramadan post and for the kind wishes. Happy Ramadan to all muslims out there 🙂


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