OT: Gracie kindly answers my question about koalas

Our fellow fan Gracie (first book out now) does a weekly Friday feature and she referred to koalas this week. I asked whether they were as cute in person as they are in pictures and she gave me a wonderfully detailed answer.

~ by Servetus on April 2, 2016.

6 Responses to “OT: Gracie kindly answers my question about koalas”

  1. They are such beautiful animals and I know they sleep more than they are awake. It just breaks my heart, as with so many wild animals, that they are losing their habitation due to human inhabitants taking over. It is happening all over.


  2. Lovely blog – thanks for linking Serv. Agree with all Gracie has written with regard to koalas … and especially the part about you visiting, Serv! So many of our native flora and fauna are now endangered. I would have to say that while the koalas look cuddly, they’re not in the wild!


  3. Servetus, many thanks for sharing, that’s very generous of you. And thanks for asking the question!


  4. LIKE IT


    • Merci pour cette question, qui recoupe étrangement un reportage animalier, qui est passé la semaine dernière sur la télévision française.
      Il était question de koalas et en aparté il décrivait la violence des mâles envers les femelles, lors des accouplements. Si je me souviens bien, les mâles harponnaient leurs compagnes à la nuque avec leurs dents.
      Sorry not so cute!


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