New pictures from Berlin Station #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on April 6, 2016.

16 Responses to “New pictures from Berlin Station #richardarmitage”

  1. In the first pic, he really reminds me of his Leeds look, somehow…


  2. I do enjoy ‘Richard in charge’ very much, as a look.


  3. Hmm, the hand and that determined look! sighs


  4. Mmmm. He’s so pretty.


  5. at a glance I thought the first pic was Lucas & Jo…


  6. I love him as a spy, sigh! But, in reality, if anyone ever grabbed my mouth like that, I’d die on the spot out of fear…and I’m not a shrinking violet! I have issues with that image and what it conjures! I can’t wait to see this, however! It’s the closest thing I can get to having him as Lucas again! Did I use enough explanation marks?!!!!!!?? Lol.


  7. Here is my benign interpretation: Richard says, “Oh my God, I just saw a poisonous spider crawl into your ear. Don’t make a sound and don’t move, it hates noise and might bite.Wait, I can see it. Can you reach my gun in my pocket? No, my other pocket. Don’t worry, I’m an excellent shot at this distance.”


  8. In that second pic is that the same cap he wore to see the refugee children? The whole outfit looks similar.


    • quite possibly — that’s an Armitage “thing.” He wore Lucas’ clothes out of school (and for years afterwards) as well.


  9. Ms Meyer does look very German to me! Very pretty though… Love short hair!! Wear them Pixie as well!! 😁 😉


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