Top 10 things I would like Richard Armitage to do this week

10. Be spotted at the theater a time or two. Because a theater-going Armitage is a happy Armitage. LIFT 2016 is running, too.

9. Have a cosmetic dentist dull his caps a little. Because man, those teeth are blinding.


Selfie tweeted by Richard Armitage, June 16, 2015. The better to bite you with, my pretty!

8. Visit mum on his free day and have some Stilton and a Melton Mowbray pork pie. Because, wow, anyone this thin deserves a little indulgence.

7. Do some bikram yoga. So I can fantasize about it!

6. Catch up with some friends, because all work and no play makes Richard a dull Armitage. To stay in character, they could go to a karaoke place.

Richard Armitage with Liza Franks, published in her "My Celebrity Boyfriend" (2007).

Richard Armitage with Liza Franks, published in her “My Celebrity Boyfriend” (2007).

5. Practice guitar with his collar very wide open again and take another artistic selfie. Because an open-necked Armitage makes a happy Servetus.


4. Work so hard on his acting in Mid Life Crisis that he absolutely has time for nothing else but the other activities recommended in this post.

3. Misplace his Twitter password for a few days. Because a little mystery is good for the soul. He can post the selfie later.

2. Get the Roundabout Theater to make a casting announcement for Love, Love, Love. Because the crazy is getting out of hand.


  1. NOT endorse any political candidates in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

Dude, you are seriously harshing the mellow in my Richard Armitage twitter tag.

~ by Servetus on June 19, 2016.

19 Responses to “Top 10 things I would like Richard Armitage to do this week”

  1. Ha! I needed a post like this tonight. 🙂


  2. Harshing ha ha!


  3. Thanks! My favorite post today 😉


  4. Thumbs up! 😀


  5. Like (very much) ❤️


  6. So agree with you about the veneers on his teeth; I find them distracting! Also, I think he must have some form of photoshopping app on his phone for his selfies which maybe thins the face, and “enhances” the complexion. Whatever it is, the overall effect makes him look like a waxwork of himself IMO.


  7. 😂 brilliant. It was lovely to have a laugh waiting for me after waking up.


  8. I really enjoyed your Top 10 Things. loved the picture/ selfie of Mr. Richard Armitage.


  9. Glad you’re in a funny mood today. Yes, every time I see RA the politician in a feed, particularly when there is no picture, I’m afraid it must be confusing for fans that don’t realize that they are two separate people, with two very different political viewpoints.


  10. I love this….and yes, he needs the pork pie…..or am I just use to “The Body by Thorin” ?


  11. Oh gosh! You had me already at number nine…. LoL .Thanks for the laughs.


  12. ConCUR.


  13. Love this. And check this out: off for 3 days Derbyshire and checking train schedule 1of2 stops is Leicester and I got seriously mushy and fuzzy inside seeing that! Suddenly the world became all right again I’m all loved up 😁. And yes mate, drink some serious tea to dull the biters as they’re distracting me from those shiny pools of grey – those eyes! 😍 that I just want to drown in. After which I will proceede to the neckitage…


  14. Ode to White Teeth

    Teeth so bright,
    And blindingly white
    He might have a molar,
    Powered by solar.

    Kathy Jones


  15. LOL!! I second each and every point!! 😀


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