Good luck with that

Screen shot 2016-07-16 at 12.57.27 PMMr. Armitage, my mind is my own, and I’m the person who decides when and if I stop thinking or writing about something.

~ by Servetus on July 16, 2016.

89 Responses to “Good luck with that”

  1. Right? Love him but that’s verging on delusional. LOL

  2. It’s almost like he’s treating it as a physical conversation…deleting the tweet is like walking out of the room…conversation is over for him (but it doesn’t follow that it is for everyone else.)

    • That’s an interesting thought. Only in this case, he stops everybody else from keeping up the conversation (at least in the same room). If we stick with the idea, it’s like he’s not just leaving the room but throwing everybody else out, too. That doesn’t mean that people won’t discuss the same topic elsewhere then.

    • Which is one of my LEAST fave interpersonal (cough marital cough) behaviors ever…. although in a healthy RL relationship, if one calls time out, that doesn’t mean it can never be revisited later. (Usually 🙂

      • I was just saying that to someone.

        • Great minds ☺

          • I’m realizing now that my issue with the wine tweet right after that is that it also replicates a frequent male behavior. “No more talking. Now I will propitiate you with something.” I’m not three, dude. A piece of chocolate isn’t going to be effective.

  3. This was pretty puzzling.

    • What’s puzzling is that he’s acknowledging he wants to shut down discussion – not a very popular view with me – and anyway, he has to know it is impossible. What he’s done is given the protect and defenders much stronger ammunition to engage in conflict over the subsequent discussions and analyses on deleted, but preserved, tweets. Very unsettling – especially the use of the word analysis.

  4. He he he ! so manly! 😄 I love him!

    • It really came across as so authoritarian to me! I don’t do well with authority. He is such a Dad sometimes. My first reaction was ‘wow, really? I don’t think so! Get back in here so I can harp on some more at you!’ It kind of made me laugh actually. I just love the poor guy.

      • Changing the subject is fine with me, but someone saying ‘this conversation is over’ is rude and just makes me want to argue for arguments sake – it is counterproductive when applied to me personally. I think I understand why he is doing it, but it rankles me nonetheless. To me it’s nonsensical to delete the tweets, he’s not responsible for others bigotry, etc. If anything, perhaps some, even one maybe, will learn something and change their behaviour through exposure to others ideas and thoughts.

      • that’s my main reaction, too — tell me to shut up if you’d like to hear more about whatever you don’t like. I owe this unfortunate character to flaw to my upbringing and I’ve never been especially successful in squelching it

      • 😀 He slammed the door and left! . At least all chairs and windows are safe 😉

  5. A) That’s unrealistic. (see Servetus’ comment under the tweet)
    B) It’s not very nice / polite in my honest opinion. (Don’t kill me in a fit of APM, please.) This may get rid of unpleasant replies, but also of comments that people may have invested thought and care in and kill off tweets and responses to them that might actually be interesting and thought-provoking to people who don’t spend 24/7 keeping an eye on his Twitter account.

    And yes, I know it’s his account and he can do with it whatever he likes. I completely agree with that. That doesn’t mean that I have to think that deleting tweets is the best way of dealing with conflicts / problems / partly unpleasant discussions.

    • I don’t know how to react because (a) he can do whatever he wants, it’s his account (b) it’s a pretty ambiguous tweet. I’m guessing that it will be interpreted by hoi polloi as a statement that he thinks “some people” analyze too much, and when that happens, I’m usually candidate number one (c) I don’t care what he thinks of me, he can think what he likes (d) I have to live in this fandom he seems to like to preach to and I frankly don’t see what skin it is off his nose if I want to analyze anything about him.

      And I think you’re right — insofar as it sounds anti-intellectual discourages potentially interesting conversations.

      The tweet deleting is dickish. It was especially dickish today.

    • There’s been a pretty hefty BTS discussion since he’s been on Twitter about whether he mainly wants fans who blow sunshine up his ass all the time. So this tweet is going to be debated heavily on that front as well.

  6. It’s unclear to me, tbh. By deleting tweets he ended conversation between him and fans/ between fans? And therefore analysis is ended for him or he thinks it is ended for us ?

    • yeah — I’m still analyzing things he said in 2003, lol.

      But it’s not clear that he can even end discussion on Twitter (let alone elsewhere). Although, given the dynamic of the last month or so, anyone who tries to continue analyzing there may be subjected to pile on.

  7. OK — this is a mean joke, but: so when do you think he’s gonna delete this one?

  8. This is just my interpretation, but maybe that’s his way of saying he is about to lose his temper and would rather we all move on before he does.

  9. He should lost his temper for the chaos his supposed “fans” do.
    I waited for his answer today (I don’t know why,doesn’t seems something he would do, I know) but when it comes was one of the most disappointing thing that I’ve read in his twitter account.

    Sorry for my English,😏

    • Well, if this explosion is about @KleverNut, she isn’t a supposed fan, she’s a real fan. I don’t usually agree with what she says but there’s no question in my mind that she is a fan.

      re: disappointing — I agree if it’s because this is an unfortunate thing for him to say.

      • Yes, that was the meaning.
        For “supposed” fan I mean the fanatical ones, (because for me it’s what a lot of them are) not @KleverNut.

        • well, I’d say they are also actual fans. (I almost never agree with them either.)

          But in essence — I think that if he can’t focus on rewarding behavior he approves of, he should probably try to ignore his fans. Part of the problem here seems to be that he thinks that there is a one to one relationship between what he says and what people understand and then how they behave. His interventions seem to be making the fandom progressively more uncomfortable for anyone who isn’t 100 percent in agreement with him.

  10. I had to shake my head at that tweet. Why does he continuously step into the justification trap? No matter what he explains, someone will be critical. Shutting off conversations between fans does not achieve anything – and since he does not really engage in two-way conversation, that tweet really comes across as a muzzle for inter-fan conversation…

    • He definitely needs to take a social media class. I was joking with someone that I bet he could get cast really easily in the film “How Celebrities Should Not Tweet With Fans”.

      It’s like he thinks the fandom is solely about him.

      • The thing is – he throws us keywords and instigates debate. A good thing imo. But since he does not participate in that, why is he bothered by further discussion? Afraid of what he has started? Truly worried about bullied fans? Any attempt to muzzle me, however, has exactly the opposite effect – and especially in this case where I consider RA the raison d’etre of the fandom but not the centre of it. The centre is ourselves, not him.

        • To my mind, he has shown no interested in bullied fans — which is a different thing from bullying as a general problem, which he has shown episodic evidence of caring about.

          fully in agreement about the fandom. It’s our club. His life is his province, but he’s not a fan of Richard Armitage. He is an interested party, not a member.

          • Yes to both. Important differences between bullying vctims and bullying, and fandom interest and fandom membership.

            • I was just thinking about how this relates to power to speak issues. It’s hopeless to wish the fandom would not give him so much power and of course he isn’t responsible for how fans react to him. Fact is, he is the most powerful speaker in any conversation with or about him. I haven’t had the energy to go look and see if Kellie is being harassed again. But his silence on the fact that fans defend him in vicious ways makes that seem okay to them. The question is whether he could say anything that would stop that behavior.

    • I’m having trouble interpreting it any other way, and while I do try to be kind, I don’t do Stepford well.

  11. I do wonder if the wine tweet and this tweet might be connected in any way? 😉 hic

  12. Dieser Tweet klingt, als hätte “Daddy” es satt, dem ständigen Gezanke der Kinder zuhören zu müssen und jetzt einfach mal ein Machtwort gesprochen, um Ruhe zu haben. So sehr ich das aus eigener Erfahrung nachvollziehen und verstehen kann, so muss ich allerdings auch sagen, dass diese Reaktion noch nie den gewünschten Effekt hatte. Außerdem scheint sie mir unter Erwachsenen kaum angemessen.

    • yeah — considering that many of this fans are as old as or older than he is, the pronouncement is very off key.

      • Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass diese Aussage die nächsten Tage nicht überlebt. Wenn der Wein nicht mehr wirkt und er mit etwas Abstand darüber nachdenkt, wird er sie wahrscheinlich löschen… Das hat schon seine eigene Komik 😉

        • I may get to the point of finding it funny some day 🙂

          • Möge der Tag nicht allzu fern sein 🙂
            Ich fürchte, dass diese Seite von ihm noch öfter zum Vorschein kommen wird, auch wenn wir sie nicht mögen. Da hilft nur Humor und etwas innerer Abstand. Der Mensch RA hat Seiten, die ich sehr mag und Seiten die ich weniger mag und die meisten seiner Seiten kenne ich gar nicht.
            Übrigens stimme ich Guylty und dir zu, die Gespräche, die wir hier untereinander führen, sind allein unsere Sache. Wir können schon selbst entscheiden, über was wir uns wie lange und wie ausführlich unterhalten wollen. Wir sind schon groß 🙂

            • yeah. I admit I wondered when he started tweeting whether there was going to be a continued point in blogging, but I have started to see it more than ever. I don’t want to have every discussion about Richard Armitage either in his “presence” or in private. there are some I’d like to have in public places with friends.

              I’ve never been especially concerned with what Armitage thinks of me, on the assumption that from his perpsective all of fandom is a little crazy, so that helps a little.

            • Da stimme ich Dir völlig zu. Wenn er schon twittert, dann muss er auch mit den “Konsequenzen” leben, das gehört dazu 🙂 Und löschen hilft nix, das wird er auch noch lernen…..

              • Seine Lernkurve ist diesbezüglich aber eher flach 😉

                • that’s what’s puzzling about this. At the beginning, okay, he wasn’t accustomed to social media. But in a month it will be two years.

  13. So here it is.


  14. I’m having a really hard time getting my thoughts together in order to make a comment, b/c this response from him has steam coming out of my ears! there are many simple and diplomatic ways to say you no longer want to continue a conversation without deleting the discussion altogether. shutting it down in this way is akin to running away with your hands over your ears; I expected a more mature response from him. if you can’t stand the heat…

    • And now he’s deleted this tweet about deleting. Honestly.

      It’s troubling to see someone who picked Twitter as his social media platform talk about discussion in this way.

  15. […] fans who now and then have a beef with him or other fans about his Twittering and untwittering. Not because the practice would cease ( see also) and be sure to check out the analysis and discussion in the comments,. Why it was hard […]

  16. I don’t follow Twitter but from the tweets I’ve read from him, my overall impression is that he is on Twitter primarily for self promotion purposes rather than to interact directly with fans. On the face of it, I find his comment on his deletion “policy” high handed and somewhat delusional (although I don’t know what kind of responses he has been subject to on Twitter). He certainly appears to lack the light touch (unlike Mr Pace IMO!).

    • My impression is that with the exception of Brexit, 90-95 percent of the comments he gets are positive. TWitter is on some level a sewer, though, you can never predict what you will find there.

  17. Could be worse – at least he’s still keen to engage. Tom Hiddleston was super active and chatty on twitter until a segment of his fans got way too demanding and nutty so he backed right off and now hardly ever posts unless it’s to promote something.

    • I don’t know what happened with Hiddleston, but in Armitage’s case the collateral damage in the fandom from his engagement is starting to become a problem. I personally didn’t need him to Tweet and wouldn’t be saddened if he quit or limited himself to promotion, but I am aware that that places me in a minority. Some people deal really well with fans on Twitter — Graham McTavish and Jed Brophy are two examples — but I think their followings are much smaller that Hiddleston’s. Brophy had a real problem with a fan a month or so ago but he dealt with it in a way that really impressed me.

      • I’m not following him so don’t know about what you describe regarding Brophy. Would it be okay for you to describe what he did?
        I think we can all agree that RA doesn’t do so well in this regard.

        • I’m not a Brophy superfan so i don’t know if I know the whole story — I only glance at his FB and Twitter pages from time to time. Essentially, there was a fan who had very high expectations of him. His sort of main fan is a young man from the Netherlands named Roy Roovers, who appears to be mentally delayed in some way or at least not neurotypical. Jed always takes really special care with him, but because of that, both Jed and (especially) Roy periodically get attacked by fans who can’t accept that special relationship. The last time was a woman who continued demanding special tweets, a picture, etc., and she was vocal when she didn’t get what she wanted. Then another account appeared (which may or may not have been a sockpuppet, I felt undecided about that in the end) that started harassing him because he wasn’t giving her what she wanted. Brophy wished her happy birthday, blocked her, blocked the second account and then warned people not to threaten his family. And then it was over.

          • Thank you for describing this. I agree, that was a good way of handling this situation.

          • I think there must be a special kind of hell for people who can’t deal with kindness for another, especially someone with mental disabilities. Outside that young man’s family, Jed is probably the joy in his life. How selfish must she have been ?

            • One should not diagnose on screen; I had the impression she might have been mentally ill herself, however. I hesitate to say that because I don’t like to contribute to the impression that “fans are crazy,” although a lot of people use fandom as a tool for dealing with things like depression, etc. She talked to him a lot like he was an errant boyfriend or a neglectful father figure; then again, I also think she wasn’t a native speaker of English. It’s so hard to know what is really going on in 140 char — we usually need a lot more context.

              I think Brophy is really important to Roy and I’m really impressed by Brophy’s treatment of him. It would be neat if every person could have a hero like that. Brophy is also really good at drawing lines with Roy at times, too.

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