Someone might’ve been at Harry Potter today

Which would also explain the rush to get to the UK. Those tix are hard to get.



~ by Servetus on December 21, 2016.

7 Responses to “Someone might’ve been at Harry Potter today”

  1. That’s…. magic 😊

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    • It really is! I’m green with envy he &family got to see it 😊 we keep trying… i will probably have to take a day off to try and cue in person…


      • I read it this summer and would really love to see it on stage myself, but “love” in the sense of “if they ever play it in Milwaukee, it would be worth the trip.” LOL.

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  2. Research on his part, maybe?
    And I seem to recall him saying something recently about taking his nephew when he got home.


  3. Someone offered me a ticket to see the play, because their plans had fallen through. Having never read the books or seen the movies, I had to decline.

    I was re-reading the Silmarillion when I picked up the first Harry Potter book all those years ago, and somehow did not take to it. I might have a different reaction now, but barely have the time to read any more.

    What can I say? I’m a philistine 🙂


    • I started reading them during my first job, when I was teaching at a university in the serious middle of nowhere and I needed a fluff book at some point and that was all that was in the campus bookstore. I think the first three are probably the best ones, the third in particular. I think they are really good. But I agree, they are nothing like Tolkien!


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