Still here

I’ve been writing desultorily on about three posts this week — it’s hard to concentrate or think for very long because of the news and because Dad has a cold. Have been intermittently stuck at home and unable to go to the café to write because my car door keeps freezing open. I’m hopeful about tomorrow, though. As it’s going to be fairly warm. Although there’s also an NFC divisional round playoff game.

Meanwhile the Armitage has been absent from Twitter (apart from the “Miles” tweets and deletions) for approaching a month. What say you?

~ by Servetus on January 15, 2017.

89 Responses to “Still here”

  1. How long does one ski in the Alps? I wonder if he is still on holidays. Or he could be ruminating on his next 5 year plan that’s if he does plan that far ahead.

  2. Good to see your name in my Inbox!! I was worried in case you were sick! As for Mr A – maybe looking for a new abode in London and/or selling his NY place. Just a thought.

    • Not sick (yet); thanks. I used to get sick every January but it helps not to be working in the virus incubator that is the university.

  3. I don’t miss his tweets. But if I was a blogger, I would miss them terribly because they are sources for content, and fan discussions both polite or not so much. However, you Serv, have a blog that often doesn’t mention Armitage so I imagine his silence affects your blog minimally, if at all.

    Ode to Twitter Silence

    Do many ears strain?
    Are they in pain?
    Trying to hear a RA tweet,
    And read before he hits delete.
    It’s been so long,
    It feels wrong.
    But what can we do?
    To find out what’s new?
    I haven’t got a clue, do you?
    Though many hearts he may have stolen,
    His twitter silence may be golden.

    Kathy Jones

    • I don’t miss them at all. This is a great poem. Given your recent life changes, I expect you to be writing books with poems like this. This one is kind of like Dr. Seuss!

      • Thanks, Serv. I love Dr. Seuss. I am definitely aging backwards. Too bad my brain is getting younger instead of the rest of me.

  4. I think he’s just taking a really good break… theatre runs must take it out of you. And the skiing conditions in Europe were really poor to start with – just not enough snow – but now they’ve improved so he may be extending his ski trip.

    Hope you get out soon! How does a car door freeze open?

    • Good point about maybe taking a second trip!

      I think somehow some moisture got into the door or the latch that is freezing periodically in a way that keeps the latch from closing. (Somehow is a euphemism; dad did it but I’m trying not to be angry about it.) In order to get rid of it, I’d need to put the car in a warm space for long enough for it to dry out. It’s not that hard to solve — you can blow dry the latch, it takes about 5-8 minutes — but when it’s 8F outside with the wind blowing I find myself thinking I’ll stay home …

  5. i have a feeling that Mr. Richard Armitage is at his mom and dad’s home trying to spend as much time as he can with them and probably trying to figure out what to do with his life/career. Servetus, sorry your dad is sick and hope you are feeling a little bit better.

  6. He doesn’t usually seem to take this much time off. Maybe he’s doing a small project that’s keeping him busy? Another audiobook or commercial or documentary narration while he’s in Europe? Or maybe he’s just busy visiting with family and friends.

    • Yeah, if I were him I’d probably make a nice long visit with his family. Although speaking from personal experience, a month is a long time with parents 🙂

  7. I must admit I did wonder as I was in London yesterday to see the musical Wicked but not sure if I am looking for bearded or unbearded handsome men lol

    • How was the musical?

      I should have asked that question, too. I’m guessing at least stubble. And if it’s cold in London, beard could be attractive.

      • We enjoyed it but it was a little too loud it was hard to hear the lyrics , not a musical to see more than once.
        London temperature okay around 2 degrees centigrade.

  8. A strange beginning to the year. Or maybe we have just been traumatised by 2016, which immediately threw us in the deep end, and can’t take a slow start anymore? Or RA has made some new year’s resolutions regarding his social media use – keeping it to the barest of minimums? Might take some getting used to that again…

    • I think if he’d keep it to very bare minimum, that would be really good for the fandom, but I’m not holding my breath if he gets some big project again. It will probably take a month or two but I’d hope for a reemergence of the energy and creativity of 2012-14.

  9. Hope your Dad is feeling better. We have a couple of colds starting up around here too. ‘Tis the season! With Armitage, anything could be going on: work, possibly moving, maybe a vacation, though this seems a bit long for him on vacation. He doesn’t seem the type to take extended ones. Hopefully it’s not anything related to the health of one of his parents.

    • He’s okay. He doesn’t follow directions (drink fluids!) and then he’s surprised that he doesn’t improve (congestion!) but I am not a nag.

      You raise a question that I’ve asked myself just because, yeah, it’s about that time. I hope his parents are well, too.

  10. Pretty sure he’s just enjoying his vacation. It’s not necessary for him to report on every aspect of his life–much as some fans would like him to.

    • Perhaps you misunderstood the question, which was about what Armitage was doing. It wasn’t intended as an opportunity for people to slam other fans. Please be aware of the comments policy in future.

    • I also want to urge you, if you have a problem with something specific that a fan is saying or doing, that you speak to them directly about it.

  11. I’m hoping he’s in another Audibubble, reading The Brothers Karamazov

    • OMG!!! That would be the best possible thing. (though I think if he were doing it for Audible they’d be tweeting up a storm)

  12. Maybe not until after he’d finished recording it……!

    • They were hinting at R&J before the ms was even complete, and we knew about Hamlet the second Armitage had agreed to do it (I assume in that case the ms was done before he signed). But it’s been different every time.

  13. If he’s still in England, I bet we get a documentary voiceover in a few months.

  14. Fairly warm….lmao

  15. Thanks for posting, Serv!

    Maybe he’s preparing for the role in ‘Miles’ movie. His tweet with a link to that conceptual clip wasn’t deleted. I guess he’s still in the project.

    • could definitely be!

    • Just checked RA’s Twitter. That tweet with a link to the Miles clip is gone…But he still follows Oliver Daly, movie’s director.

      • I would read that as “this project didn’t work out but I want to maintain the contact.”

        • So he is on Twitter, just doesn’t tweet but delets his previous tweets.

          • yes, as the post says, “apart from the ‘Miles’ tweets / deletions”.

          • I think that one must have been deleted just since I woke up. I usually look at this Twitter first thing and I’d have sworn it was there this morning. (shrugs). I also saw someone tweet at him to explain whether he was still in that project or not — hmmm.

            • His remaining tweet on ‘Miles’ was deleted between 9 a.m. this morning (GMT+1) and now. It was there when I woke up and just had a little “peak”.

  16. Happy to “hear” from you again 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your dad and his cold. Boy, these colds and men; don’t get me started. Hope things get better soon.

    Alright, here’s my year so far: TV’s out on New Year’s eve (sabotage, no less! Perhaps a disgruntled employee of the programme provider, who knows. It came up again after 24 hrs), sore throat, new boss, merger of my department with another department at my university, new work procedures, correction of exam papers, putting together a new curriculum, sore throat turns into a regular cold, injured knee prevents me from running, winter has come (finally), nursing said cold, and generally being very busy.

    Here’s a thought: RA is in Britain, back home i Huncote being spoilt rotten by Mrs Armitage, nursing a cold brought on by trying to ski down some really tricky European slopes with artificial snow, reading up on Dostoyevsky while trying to get his head around the non-goings on in his fandom 😉

    No, seriously, I hope everything is alright, and that he’s just taking a breather.

    • I mean, I am concerned, because of his age, etc., but the level of complaining is really out of proportion to how badly he actually seems to be suffering and really, if he wants to get better, he should drink more fluids. LOL. If I thought he were really in danger, I would nag. Or just tackle him and pour the fluids down his throat …

      sounds like a miserable January so far. I hope things look up. For everyone in the northern hemisphere 🙂

      • “Or just tackle him and pour the fluids down his throat…” Love it 🙂
        January hasn’t been all that bad, only extreeemely busy – and with a cold – not up to my usual self. I’m short on energy; it’s like I’m walking three steps behind myself all the time. I’m taking my vitamins, though, and hope to feel better once the semester teaching begins.
        I hope your dad recovers soon, and that you can use your car soon.

  17. House shopping in London?

    • If he sells his NYC condo, this could be a good time for him to buy, with the pound so depressed at the moment.

      • Yep. My brother in London says the same thing, he’s looking to buy as well.

        • the “normal” part of the London property market seems to be holding value but the upper end is struggling (or so a friend of mine who’s looking right now, too, tells me). Hope your brother finds something.

  18. Maybe he hopefully has dropped out of Miles and into BBC’s The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (he did say le Carré is a favourite) and is working on getting casting for that happening (I really really wanted Summer to happen but haven’t heard anything of that in quite some time – but TSWCIFTC would be good too).

  19. Excepting work on ‘Miles’ and urgent family needs, I kind of hope he’d use the time to further some of his own passion projects. Take a few meetings to move a ball forward on a project down the line. It’s segments of time like these months that an artist can work on something they have more control over, help it get a little closer to becoming a reality.

    • I wonder what his passion projects are the moment. Seems not to be Richard III any more, he hasn’t ever said much about Bridget Cleary.

      • Nah….you forgot he mentioned Richard III in this in parts odd interview / photo/video shoot in that weird Jane Hotel in NYC only 2 months ago, and you’re right, he never mentioned Bridget Cleary again (and a lot of other projects!) Learning anything about his momentarily passions would be a great asset!!!!! 😉
        Though it seems like he needs some time for himself, and quite apparently he ran out of steam to tweet!

        • No, I didn’t forget. What I took away from that is that he is no longer interested in Richard III, though.

          • Hahaha… I actually had to rewatch the video now, whether I had understood his answer wrongly………. Mmmhhh.. interesting…what makes you think that ?? Not enough passion???? 😉

            • I would characterize his attitude as “the ship has sailed,” if someone says “do you want to play Richard III,” and he says, “look at my competitor’s project.”

            • Oh, sorry — I was thinking of the yahoo news interview. But yeah, I didn’t believe the Jane Hotel interview. I think he was asked and that has been his goto answer for a long time so he gave it. I don’t think he’s shown any real sign of interest in Richard III since the summer of 2014.

  20. I think if he were offered the role onstage at a well reputed classical theater he’d take it if he could. But I don’t think of it is a passion project he’d be pursuing or producing on his own any longer.

    • Sorry, this was meant to thread into the R3 convo above. Blerg

    • he had always said he didn’t want to play Shakespeare’s version, until early 2014, when he suddenly referred to Shakespeare as a possibility. And then Benedict Cumberbatch was cast in the Hollow Crown version. I had a hypothesis that he was in the running for that and then he didn’t get it. Only a hypothesis. I haven’t heard anything about Phillippa Langley’s Shakespeare film project in the longest time. I suspect that that ship has sailed as well.

    • or maybe that he was up for some other role in that production that he wasn’t offered or couldn’t / didn’t take. He had referred a few times to the possibility of playing Warwick.

  21. Ach, hat er vergessen sich abzumelden? Er ist auf dem Jakobsweg 😆 Der entsprechende Tweet wurde bereits sicherheitshalber vor dem Posten deleted….. “tweetcorrect”

  22. I hope your Dad gets well soon!!!

  23. Maybe he is helping his nephew with exams to some theatre school ? 🙂
    How old is this boy now?
    How’s your Dad today, Serv?

    • eleven-ish, I think? (I remember thinking a while back he’s just the right age for the nieces, a little younger 🙂 ).

      Dad is feeling slightly better — thanks. We have to go to the doctor soon for his monthly blood test so I am going to get the nurse to read him the riot act.

  24. Maybe he is busy reading a preliminary script for series 2 of Berlin Station, and is working out how many times he is likely to be baring his backside in his role as Daniel Miller?! 😈

  25. I think he’s packing! I almost had it with putting away Christmas decorations so I can imagine packing up 4 years of life would be all consuming!

    It’s a weird thing now – he’s moving from the horror of Trump to the reality of a hard Brexit. I somehow doubt we’ll see more political tweeting – but I wonder what’s going on with him.

    • My hope — no tweeting until the Berlin Station publicity starts. Give the fandom a chance to catch our breath(s).

      • Are we really so sure he considers leaving NYC/US?
        Europe isn’t easy to navigate either these days… looking at my own situation at the moment, it’s almost heartbreaking – even after all these months. Difficult decision either way. (…maybe he’ll move to Berlin 😉)

        • Great property values in Berlin, I’d say 🙂

          I personally haven’t drawn any conclusions about what he’s doing on the basis of that interview (non native speaker interviewer, translated into Hebrew, translated back into English), other than that he’s eager to spend more time in the UK, possibly permanently. Too much “game of telephone” and three different verbs there. Who knows what he said. And if he is in the UK now, he’s probably also experiencing a certain amount of culture shock (and would be, regardless, even if we didn’t have Brexit and Trump), so who knows how he we will feel in that situation.

  26. Serv, sorry your father isn’t feeling well, do hope that clears up soon and hope you get your car back to its normal unfrozen condition. Reg: men and colds you hit it on the head. They get a cold and they are dying. Women continue on with their daily life and slog through what you have to. Just the way we are made. Reg Richard and his tweets, I always thing ” To tweet, or not to tweet– that is the question…” and sometimes I think he is not sure, hence the deletions …lol…actually I don’t really think about them because it doesn’t matter 🙂 But I do know I would miss your blogs in my email, I would hardly have anything if not for “me and Richard” – plus you always give me something to ponder.

  27. I was assuming that radio silence means he had no work at the moment. I thought maybe nothing was happening so he had nothing to tweet about. And maybe he feels he had his fingers burnt dabbling in political tweets so is avoiding all talk of Brexit and Trump so people don’t get cross with him.

    • it’s an interesting phrase to use, “had his fingers burnt,” unless he feels that no one should disagree with him.

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