Lots of Richard Armitage, lots of dogs!



~ by Servetus on February 2, 2017.

22 Responses to “Lots of Richard Armitage, lots of dogs!”

  1. Yay! 😀

  2. Ooo! Salukis! ❤ Loving the hair and the look, too.

    • I think they’re borzois (another type of sighthound)- salukis are smaller and have long floppy ears. Drooling over the dogs AND the man. What is he, a dog-walker in the movie? Wasn’t there a shot of him with a different massive dog earlier today?

  3. 😀 His hair ❤

    • yes, with all due respect to the preferences of dog lovers (I don’t hate dogs or anything), it’s definitely Armitage’s hair that is the star here. This is the kind of hair he has in my fantasies currently …

  4. ohhh…. ohhh.. i sooo love this look! and the dogs 🙂 looks very funny to me ie the interaction with JC

  5. giggle fluffy hairs

  6. Bed hair 😊

  7. Oh my, not sure if I’ll survive close up shots of him looking like this! 😉

  8. Think they are going for dog looks like owner thing.

  9. Haben die Schuhe ein Muster? 😳

  10. Must admit I do love the scruffy look. RA looks fantastic. and such beautiful animals!

  11. Oh. My … sigh

  12. Bed hair! I love the scruffy look. Eminently touchable.

  13. Damn, he looks good! The dogs, too.

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