Apparently, another picture of Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on February 8, 2017.

16 Responses to “Apparently, another picture of Richard Armitage”

  1. Notfall kurz vorm Schlafengehen?

  2. Lucas never fails to move me. Hope the medication is working, Servetus.

  3. Exhausted, vulnerable Lucas. Beautiful and touching.

  4. oh… my aching heart..

  5. So vulnerable and beautiful.

  6. Thank you 💗

  7. Ohhh – mitten ins Herz!

  8. Please, pretty please, look at me….!!!

  9. Oh, Lucas! How you made my chest ache!!!!

  10. Oomph.

  11. Those eyes (sigh) – and the beard so blond (I never noticed before)

  12. His dark under eye circles are most probably makeup; unfortunately mine are real.

  13. I always loved this photo – he seems so open and vulnerable! Can I hug you, Lucas? sigh

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