It pays to increase your word power with Richard Armitage

Struggling for the right word and not finding it? I love words. Herewith a new feature: Richard Armitage words — vocabulary that is particularly appropriate for describing Mr. Armitage, his characters, and their charms.

Insouciance -- a blithe nonchalance. Source:

Insouciance — a blithe nonchalance. Source:

~ by Servetus on February 16, 2017.

22 Responses to “It pays to increase your word power with Richard Armitage”

  1. Love it!
    Thanks for the memory it brings to mind… My parents and my sister and I used to get out our pens and papers and the latest Readers’ Digest and competitively play “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power by Peter Funk”!


    • We had those magazines, too. My grandparents subscribed and then we got them second. Loved those games.


    • I loved the RD for that. It’s a while since I bought one. Do they still have that feature or are these pages long gone? I have a Dictionary app on my phone which I check every day and I’m constantly blown away by how old many of the words are; their etymology etc. If you are a fan of PD James you will know that you pretty well need a dictionary at the ready when you read any of her novels! 🙂


  2. I just did an Increase Your Word Power last week. I missed 2. I thought that was pretty good. I love this idea. Have I ever told you how many times I have to look up words from your posts? I think I have….lol


  3. Happy belated birthday! Will nonplussed be one of the words? A word that always confuses me!


    • Thanks!

      The problem with “nonplussed” (it always confuses me too) is that it means both its original meaning AND the opposite of its original meaning. I’d have to think about how to present that.


  4. Great idea! And that expression on his face… 🙂


    • That was definitely a high point for Lee.

      People used to do entire posts based on words from their dictionary calendars, but I think this could be easier.


  5. I have learned the new word, thank you 😀


  6. LOL! Fortunately I have a dictionary app on my phone. First grammar lesson, second word power lesson, third…. Nobody can say we have little interest in basic and advanced training, especially with such a marvellous object. Thanks!!


  7. “béatitude, enchantement, félicité, ravissement, rayonnement”, beaucoup de mots avec des nuances qui décrivent une joie intérieure exposée sans fard. J’aime beaucoup cette recherche du mot ou de la photo les plus raccords. MERCI.


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