Today in the history of me + richard armitage

Following Herba’s cue, what was going on, on blog, on April 9 in years past?

2010: I inaugurated the “collateral attractions” tag on the blog with a post about a mini-crush on Hermione Norris.

2011: On why photographers would want to capture Porter’s face.

2012: No post: Passover. Although we were in the middle of discussing whether or not I was allowed to publish my fantasies.

2013: I reblogged this fan YT, singing Richard song. That used to be a thing; has kind of faded recently.  And I blogged this fantasy.

2014: no entry. Weird. Most of that month has to do with speculation about The Crucible and Casa Matusita (which he didn’t do), and there’s at least one post that month about grief.

2015: A “places I’d like to kiss Richard Armitage” that is a bit chronologically late. Most of that month was about Hannibal.

2016: No entry, but most of the month was about filming in La Palma.

Check out Guylty’s, too.

~ by Servetus on April 9, 2017.

19 Responses to “Today in the history of me + richard armitage”

  1. Loved going back through the history – a great mixed bag of different types of post. And I really enjoyed your 2011 post. So many comments back then! Those were the days…
    Thanks for picking up the mantle!


    • yeah, it’s a bit weird to look back and see how many people have “gone” except that I know some of them still lurk, and also that the phase of unmanageable preoccupation is relatively short, so …


      • “phase of unmanageable preoccupation”. Nicely put! And yes, it’s weird – if not sad – that so many people are not active anymore. That always makes me feel slightly insecure – why have they moved on, why don’t I?


        • I wonder that, too, sometimes, but I’ve always been like this. If my mind is truly preoccupied with something, it’s very hard for it to let go. (I’m thinking of the Reformation, which I was fascinated with from 1991 to 2011 and even then, it was me deciding I wasn’t going to pay any more attention to it rather than that I stopped being interested.)


  2. Ahh. Now I see where RA said he would have liked to have shaved his head for Lucas. I don’t think I had read that article before.


  3. Great kind of summery!
    Like Guylty said: Those were the days… it’s always a really strange feeling to read all those still familiar names of the then-commenters.
    That fantasy is a particular glorious writing!!! Deeply touching. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thought if Mr. A would indeed have some of this manners in real life, and if we all would have somebody who would look at us with such intense eyes?
    Only thought some days ago that I just miss those written fantasies of yours !!


    • i’d been thinking lately that I missed publishing them. I got out of the habit in the atmosphere of 2013-14 and never got back to them. Maybe someday again.


  4. […] back at what she did on April 9th these past few years. Then Guylty joined in and did the same, as did Servetus. And here I am, giving it a go as well… Only, when I looked back, I realized I have not been […]


  5. A another great and interesting retrospect, thanks for doing this!


  6. Thanks for going back in time a bit for us, a good cross section of things that have gone on, so glad for reading back some of the fantasies and will definitely enjoy reading the 2011 post. I’m somehow even more fascinated with his features today than a first, the pleasure of the familiar?


    • I think I’m surprised over and over. I spend so much time looking at his face and think I know it, but then it turns out I don’t. I’m still not confident I’d recognize him on the street.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree! If he walked past head semi bowed and had a cap on i very likely wouldn’t. But it’s also to do i think with how chameleonic he is, one minute change in expression and his face looks completely different and almost so does his body though to a lesser degree as he can’t change his frame.


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