Multiple non-US distribution deals for Pilgrimage #richardarmitage

Here. Includes UK, Spain, Italy, Australia/NZ, the Middle East, Japan, Turkey, and South Korea. It had already been picked up for the US by RLJ.

~ by Servetus on April 12, 2017.

46 Responses to “Multiple non-US distribution deals for Pilgrimage #richardarmitage”

  1. That’s good news. (I am wondering whether Ireland is subsumed under UK in the distribution rights… If I were on Twitter, I’d tweet at Jamie Hannigan…)

  2. Nothing for Latin America yet, but I’m hopeful. See no reason why not.

  3. but unfortunatly no info for Germany, again…., really wonder what kind of problem there is ? Does anbody know anything about it ? Thanks for helping me underdtand.

  4. No Canada either but I remain hopeful.

  5. I breathed a sigh of relief as well, when ai saw Australia!! Still waiting for news about other projects, too. Would love to see Brain on Fire distributed here!!

    • It’s a good sign that this is getting such wide distribution. It surprises me a little that of the films Armitage made in 2014-15, this might turn out to be the easiest to see. Before having seen any of them, I’d have picked Brain on Fire for that.

      • maybe it’s the historical/mythological elements which is more appealing? Seems to be popular these days in all sorts of forms, new Kind Arthur stuff coming through, etc. Just speculating… maybe it’s got a more obvious or easy to define target audience than something like Brain on Fire.

        • I think the producers thought Chloe Grace Moretz would sell that film and when you’ve seen it once you realize that won’t happen. It doesn’t really have other elements of filmic interest (the director more or less said: I wasn’t going to get into point of view or perspective or anything else) beyond telling the story. Whereas this film is now going to be of interest in three fandoms at least (Spiderman, Outlander in addition to US) beyond the mythic elements that will interest people who don’t know who the actors are. I think the BOF makers took a smaller gamble but it didn’t pay off, whereas the Pilgrimage makers took a bigger gamble and it really paid off. (This said not having seen Pilgrimage, of course).

          • true, the way it picked up fandoms on the go was very useful 🙂 I wonder how big/small ‘his’ role will be.. we know already he doesn’t make it to the end…

            • the film itself is only 96 min, and it seems like he’s an important villain — but it has also seemed like the “struggle” of the monks is just as much about the environment and the difficulties of their journeys, so who knows …

            • What?! How do we know he doesn’t make it to the end? Is he killed off in this too?!

              • er, sorry for the spoilers! we don’t actually know what happens to him, we just know from the shooting schedule that he only did the Ireland bit but wasn’t shooting in Belgium where the crew went next. So we assumed something must happen to his character 🙂

                • I don’t think we know that, actually. We don’t know that he was there but he we don’t know that he wasn’t, if I remember correctly.

                  • that’s accurate, but i think he was off doing interviews or something else but not entirely sure tbh; i’m probably suffering from enthusiasm for speculation on things i’d love to see 🙂

                • and in June 2016 he mentions “working in Belgium.” Maybe he meant ADR, of course.

                  • ah, missed that! my bad, spark apologies, looks like i misunderstood

                    • No problem, I was just kidding. I’m thinking he starts off a bad guy but then comes to admire the tenacious Spider monk (Tom Holland??) and sacrifices himself for their cause (a character right up RA’s alley?).

              • This is Ali’s summary of what we know. She’s really reliable (she also says he was on location in Belgium).

  6. Happy dance down under!! 🙂 And fingers crossed for France et al who are still waiting.

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