Alert: Update to comments policy

“Keep your environment clean.”

In light of a handful of comments I’ve received recently on my youtube channel, and because of the subject matter of the second season of Berlin Station, I have updated the blog’s comments policy to include an absolute prohibition on anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi trolling and pro-white supremacist statements. I am confident that my regular audience does not harbor such prejudices, but this blog is publicly visible and frankly, I was surprised at the youtube comments. Perhaps I was naive.

I’m hopeful that this proactive approach will head off problems spreading from youtube to here. If anti-Semitic or pro-white supremacist commentary does seep through here, and you are a regular commentator, please do me a favor and do not engage with the trolls. I’ll take care of it when I get back to the blog.

I’m also aware of the Twitter and FB campaigns to boycott the series because of Ashley Judd. While my opinion of her is generally, although not exclusively, positive, I’m aware that’s not the case in large parts of the fandom. I’m going to leave this issue alone for now in hopes that I don’t have to put walls up around that topic. I believe that we should be free to exchange opinions and thoughtful critiques of her work and her political opinions, and that some of our reactions to these may be negative. Much of what I see in other places, however, reflects personal, racist, sexist attack that involves no political or artistic commentary. So please be aware that I will be monitoring this issue as season 2 continues and may institute some kind of comment policy change for that reason, so that it remains possible to have a civil discourse.

Thanks for your understanding and, as always, for continuing to read this blog.

~ by Servetus on October 15, 2017.

17 Responses to “Alert: Update to comments policy”

  1. Good God, evil really is everywhere in this climate. Good for you addressing it.


    • I’d been studiously ignoring this and then just got a comment that could have been straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Obviously we all need to be somewhat aware.


  2. I didn’t realize you had a YouTube channel. How could I not have known that?


    • It’s not really a channel — it’s just a repository.


      • I didn’t know you had a repository.


        • It’s just a place that hosts some of the video I put on blog here because video hosting on WP is a premium feature and I’d have to pay extra for it. So, for example, if I repost a vid to ungeoblock it, that’s usually where it goes. It doesn’t have any independent content that doesn’t already appear here.


  3. Oh my 😦 Haven’t we talked about this subject some days ago on my blog….I am so sorry it’s getting worse again!!!


    • This isn’t really about anything I’m saying as much as it is about the mere fact that Berlin Station is apparently critical of neo-Nazis. Who would have thought that would ever be significantly controversial? I still think it isn’t, but as always with th eInternet a small group of voices can have a big effect.


      • After a disturbing discussion with a Holocaust denier on Amazon a few weeks ago I know exactly what you mean!!!


        • it’s hard to know what to do — because if you don’t say anything, they feel like they win, but if you respond to them, they also feel like they win. I think we talked about this question with regard to Lipstadt — who says “never respond.”


          • Yes! I know but I couldn’t let that one go unanswered


            • I’m not convinced silence is the best response, either.


            • But it’s so weird, b/c the Nazis were obsessive documentors. If they were around today, they’d be mystified by their contemporary supporters’ denial of something they saw as their greatest achievement.


              • Yes, it is! All the documents, pics, even the film material. How could anyone have faked this at the time? It’s crazy and a topic that really makes me angry like hell (only topped by the some arguments regarding the ongoing refugee discussion)


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