Quick note to this blog’s FB followers #richardarmitage

BTS from Hobbit: AUJ. Not relevant to post topic 🙂

If you followed me on FB up till now, you were following my personal profile. Recently FB prohibited WP blogs from publicizing automatically on FB profiles — if we want to do this, we have to use pages. I won’t get into all the problems that plague pages, but my new FB page for the blog is here. That’s where I’ll be distributing blogposts from now on. [Clarification — that’s where I will be distributing blogposts on FB from now on. All other methods are distribution — email, wordpress reader, tumblr, Twitter — are unaffected by this change.] If you have followed me on FB and want to ensure that you see those posts on FB, you need to go to the page, click on “follow,” and change the setting to “see first” from “default.” (Default means you see some posts but not all.) [Addition — you can also change the way you follow me, e.g., by signing up for email notifications on the right hand side bar.]

I’ve never been super active on FB as a blogger because I have a really active RL FB account. This is something I’ll be thinking about when I have a chance — should I spend more time on FB? Stick with the personal profile and post manually? etc. etc.

Thanks for your patience.

~ by Servetus on August 4, 2018.

14 Responses to “Quick note to this blog’s FB followers #richardarmitage”

  1. So forgive if this is a dumb question but does
    that mean you are not posting here thru Word
    press anymore and only on FB now?


    • No — this is my “home base.” Everything i publish appears here. That isn’t going to change.

      I also publicize on Twitter, tumblr and FB, via a widget in the wordpress.com software. This week FB decided to change the technical terms for using the widget to ones less advantageous to WP users, which means readers who follow the blog exclusively via FB may have a hard(er) time seeing posts now unless they change settings. This is a warning that that’s happening, and that it may lead me to change my future interactions on FB.

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      • Whew thanks for explaining. My heart sank
        there for a second..,


        • I may eventually take this blog to a different domain name — I’ve been dithering about that for years — but if I do, that’s all that will change. FAcebook is a pain in the ass to use to publicize anything unless you have a huge audience or you are willing to pay — and I’m still trying to keep my actual tech costs on this activity to a minimum.

          I put a clarification in the original post to answer your question. I worded it badly.


          • No it’s me I’m not a techie at all and I have
            a real aversion to FB for personal reasons
            so that’s all my brain read but thank you for

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  2. Will we still get the email notifications? I have a FB account but I’m never on there, just Twitter.


  3. Glad that we will not lose you 🙂 I look forward to your info, comments and wit, besides i personally do not like FB lol

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    • fwiw my take on FB is that it’s decent for contact with people you know but would otherwise lose touch with, but horrible for contact with strangers.


  4. Sorry to bother you with a technical question: So, I created a FB page. Is there anything else I have to do on WordPress sharing, because I still seem to be connected to Facebook, at least that’s what it says. My account and Page name are still the same – Armitage Agonistes.


    • Not as far as I know. If you had a page you still had a page and there is no disruption to pages.


      • I didn’t have a “Page”. I had to create it today on my regular page, and it is basically empty. But I notice the web address for the regular FB page, and this new page is different.

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  5. Okay, thanks. I just tested it, and whatever I did, it worked.

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  6. […] Servetus recently posted ( and thanks for that), there have been changes to how WordPress and Facebook […]

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