Richard Armitage heat wave retrospective edition

Since the northern hemisphere is sweating, I was reminded of this photo of Richard Armitage about a year ago two years ago (at the TCA meeting, which has just wrapped up). Also because I needed a laugh. (The speech therapist gave dad an earful today about his attitude, but I think we’re facing the strong probability that some of the changes are organic. Supposedly, they say, things that are coming back will come back within six months, so I’m putting “reasonableness” on the top of the list of things I am praying for.) And then I mowed the whole lawn (5 acres). And then our Internet went out for hours.

Yeah, so click on that link and look back to that photo and remind yourself of how much we were laughing that day.

~ by Servetus on August 7, 2018.

24 Responses to “Richard Armitage heat wave retrospective edition”

  1. Oweh, hatte ich erfolgreich verdrängt 😂


  2. Lesson to be learned from this? This is just one reason why manspreading should be actively discouraged…!


  3. I think he still has the shoes but I hope those trousers are in the bin.

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  4. 😄
    I thought it was endearing. And being currently sweating in places I didn’t think I could, I completely empathize.

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  5. does the conversion …you mowed 20000 m2 that’s two football/soccer fields wow


    • Probably more like 4 after you take out the parts that are partially wooded. But it takes a while — about 2.5 hours. But my brother mowed 100 acres of hay today (with a much bigger tractor).

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  6. Poor guy! I remember that well.

    Sorry you’re having trouble with your dad. I know how you feel. I took care of both my parents…dad briefly until we had to put him in a nursing home (he couldn’t walk anymore), and longer for mom. She broke her shoulder and we brought her to live with us. She fought having to go to PT and even harder doing her exercises. She accused me of starving her. Ridiculous as I was always pushing food on her…it just wasn’t junk food which she wanted! She wouldn’t drink her water because then she had to pee all the time..all she wanted to do was sit & watch tv. Granted it was hard for her to get around and she had to use a walker… which she didn’t want to use! I had to nag her about that too. I see now that part of the issue was dementia, which got worse as she neared her end. I could go on but I won’t. Both my folks have passed and I do miss them, but I don’t miss having what amounted to having 2 more kids to look after. I prefer to think of them in happier times. Hang in there and God bless you for what you’re doing.


    • Thanks for the kind words. I think we’re dealing with the onset of dementia here, too. Today we were walking across a parking lot and a truck turned in unexpectedly behind us and I said, “please move over, dad,” and rather that look around himself, he planted himself in front of the truck to argue with me about what I said to him. Really aggravating and (in the long term) dangerous.


  7. Oh my! I never noticed that before. Thanks for the morning giggles!

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  8. I remember “Crotchgate”; it brought unexpected mirth shortly after one of RA’s preachy essays for Cybersafe. Fwiw, my husband did not think it was sweat.
    The tight shiny trousers and white trainers with no socks remains one of my least favourite RA looks: IMO he looked rather effete in that outfit and hair(piece).

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    • right — that was his second year as ambassador. I don’t think he looked effete at all, though. Just not screamingly masculine.


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