Four things (day 8)

While I was learning to play the clarinet, Marjane Satrapi was dodging student revolutionaries on the streets of Tehran.


Watched the end of Howards End (2017) last night. The improbable ending of the story somehow seems more unlikely when you watch it on the screen. But the theme of the house tugged at me. And seeing those gorgeous English summer hay fields made me long for fall (specifically, that scene triggered a memory of September 2006 when I moved to Berlin for the year). I wonder what the fall will be like this year.


I got an Easter dinner from a local supermarket and it wasn’t bad (and it was the right price — $40 and we got four meals out of it and there are probably two meals left). Dad was generally opposed — to me leaving the house to collect it, to me putting it in the refrigerator, to me warming it, to the time we ate it, to eating it, to the amount of food, to the kind of food, to the cost. I owe myself a post sometime about dad’s general opposition to fuss (this is not new, it’s just more intense now) and my family’s odd relationship to holiday meals. In any case, it’s done. We had a last Easter dinner in this house. At least I noticed it.


“They” say if a cardinal hangs around your house someone dead from your past is trying to talk to you. If that cardinal is mom, I hope she can find her way to the assisted living facility, at least.

~ by Servetus on April 5, 2021.

6 Responses to “Four things (day 8)”

  1. Was it the BBC Howards End series? I really enjoyed that one.

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    • Yes. I thought it was really good (particularly the music struck me as excellent). It did a really good job of picking up that poignant atmosphere of the pre-WWI years without sliding into sentimentality. (Well, how can you, with a story like that.) I just didn’t even find it convincing in the novel that Mr Wilcox would repent of his attitude toward Helen after his son killed Jackie Bast. And the presentation of that was more restrained that in the adaptation (which is the normal state of things).

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  2. We had our first Easter at my son’s (2) house. We may have more there or not as it is a rental. He plans to stay there until he buy’s a house. We have not had holiday’s with my husbands family in a few years and for the longest time only Easter as we would host it. I don’t miss the drama. Since my parents are gone and a only child it was always my husbands family.

    Watched Howard’s End last year on PBS, Wisconsin PBS was rerunning it in March this year.

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    • yeah — it’s on PBS on Demand on Spectrum. I won’t have cable much longer so I’m exploiting while I can!

      I’m totally on board with avoiding overly dramatic relatives, esp if YOU have to do all the work. You put all this work into having your own special family and you deserve to enjoy it.


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