Reminder: no spoilers for Stay Close here

This may not be an issue as I have kind of quit linking Richard Armitage news, and I haven’t had any issues with The Stranger (and haven’t watched it and haven’t been spoiled), but this a reminder to all and sundry not to mention spoilers for Stay Close here.

The spoilers labeling convention in the Armitage fandom emerged originally when some segments of the audience had to wait months or a year to see a series (or see it legally) and clear labeling allowed people to avoid seeing content they did not wish to see. The vast majority of fans have been able to take this small step of consideration for fellow fans without difficulty.

I have made the same request for silence about spoilers in my own space for about a decade now for series involving Armitage which are not yet aired, are not yet widely available, or aren’t classic works where the ending is already well known (e.g., The Crucible). It’s completely appropriate to discuss spoilers in settings where that is customary — either if a blogger wants to do so, on a forum with a discussion strand that indicates spoilers are okay, or in a free-for-all gutter like Twitter. Those who wish to avoid spoilers avoid venues where they might find them, and stick to venues where the labeling is clear. If you wish to discuss spoilers, it’s polite to signal that so that those who do not can separate from the conversation.

But when someone asks you not to discuss spoilers in their own virtual living room, it’s pretty customary to comply, just as it would be if you were speaking to her personally. Not doing so is the equivalent of the behavior of bratty children who think it’s smart to tell ignorant classmates about Santa Claus. We accept that behavior in five-year-olds, but people in their fifties who do it are indicating they have some serious problem with either manners or mental illness, or both.

~ by Servetus on July 5, 2021.

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