After Berlin Station 3, I know what he meant


When someone intentionally spoiled me via email after being asked twice in public not to share spoilers on blog this is pretty much how I reacted. I was mainly interested in one thing about that series, and once the suspense was spoiled, it became impossible for me to think about the virtues of “the rest of the story.” Berlin Station 3 would have been poor (and a poor resolution to the story) no matter what, and there were indications that Armitage agreed. But the mental gymnastics I had to go through to get through the rest of the series (which was something I’d looked forward to for a year, and which was pretty much the only thing I had to look forward in my life that fall, as dad’s problems were intensifying) were significant. It turns out that a lot of people liked the snark of my recaps (judging both by hits even now and things that have been said to me), but I’d have preferred to watch the series in a different mood, and the person who spoiled me on purpose prevented that.

Moreover, pushing spoilers into someone else’s space (in the name of allegedly “healthy discussion”) after they have asked politely to be excluded and are avoiding spoilers where they can is a simultaneously arrogant and passive aggressive attempt to set the agenda of another blogger. Feel free to set the agenda on your own blog, discuss all the spoilers you want, but you don’t have the password to blog here and no one else has ever set my agenda.

So yeah, there will pretty much always be spoiler warnings here (and possible embargoed topics of discussion). My blog, my rules.

~ by Servetus on July 6, 2021.

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