Things that have been happening, 1

One neighbor’s house.


Reasons I haven’t been blogging. We had a serious hailstorm last month: golf-ball sized hail rained down for about ten minutes. I didn’t take a picture of it as I had just been wildly ill after a restaurant meal — fluids coming out both ends — and after wiping off and flopping onto my bed, I could not muster the energy or equilibrium to make it to a window. But the result of the hail is that the entire neighborhood (in the greater sense — about a quarter of the township was hit) is being completely re-roofed and otherwise repaired from hail damage.

It will take the whole summer and into the fall to get all the houses fixed. It’s also a challenge at the moment to get any body work done on a car, as the restoration people are busy replacing dented vehicle panels and glass. In the middle of all of this, I bought my elder niece’s car from her (there’ll be a separate post about the reason for that soon) and it took three weeks for me to get the broken windshield replaced due to a shortage of parts.


Another neighbor’s house. You can’t see it in this picture, but the entire side of the house toward the left of the photo will have to be re-sided as the hail put dents and holes in the vinyl siding. My neighbor was quite relieved, as he had just changed his insurance coverage in some way that will pay for the matching of the siding color.


If they start ripping the old roof off in the early morning, and they don’t find any problems in the layers below, they’re usually done putting the new one on in about 10-12 hours. They are really adding to the energy of the neighborhood, as now we hear norteño music outside during the day. This is one of the pleasant synergies between Mexicans moving here and the existing local population, as it sounds a lot like polka, which is very popular among the elder generations around here. The sounds of the staple guns keep us lively, too. “The shingoleros will be here tomorrow!” my neighbor said to me the other day. I’m not sure if that term is politically correct. Techador (roofer) was the word I knew. I was hoping we’d get a temporary taco truck, too, but the techadores pack their own lunches. They sit down together at noon on the lawns and eat them.


Techadores in action. Both my grandfathers, and my father and uncle as teens, did this work off and on. I’m always nervous because every relative I have who’s done this for money has fallen off at least once.

This house is getting a new roof (92 percent damage to the shingles), which is helpful as this one was fifteen years old. The insurance adjuster didn’t go up on the roof — just sent a drone over the house. (Dad would have had. a. cow.) The whole south/east side of the house will be re-sided. All of the gutters will be replaced, and the deck railing is being replaced and the whole thing resurfaced. I am going to add a bit of money to the insurance payout and have the deck covered with Trex, which even HL agrees is a better choice than wood.

All’s well that ends well — the damage is not structural, and the insurance will cover the repairs. HL and a family friend are going to do the whole thing, which means that I will have to wait. We’ve picked out the materials, and there are supply chain issues with some of them. But our friend is known for doing excellent work — he’s a contractor who you have to know, he doesn’t advertise — and it’s nice to have HL making sure that the work is done correctly. The neighborhood has been accosted by storm chasers / roof scammers.

So anyway, that has taken up some time, but perhaps more significantly, emotional energy. This aspect of home ownership fills me with low-level dread. But the roof they are about to put on could possibly outlast me. LOL.

To be continued …

~ by Servetus on June 5, 2022.

22 Responses to “Things that have been happening, 1”

  1. I could have written this post. We have been in the position many times. In the 28 years I have lived in my home the roof has been replaced at least four times, maybe five. My hubs is on a first name basis with our roofer


    • I guess you know it’s watertight. Actually our insurance company was great in comparison to some stories I have heard (apparently there are also scam insurance adjusters?). But uch. I’m told if you get a metal roof, you don’t have this problem? Has your roofer told you to change materials?


  2. What a night you had. I am sorry and had no idea that hail stones could cause so much destruction. It is good thing that you have insurance and a trustworthy roofer. Hope you still get a speculative taco truck!


    • I’m thinking that the population of the township is now such that we might get a taco truck anyway. Hoping!

      We usually do not have hail like this — it’s usually pea-sized and lasts five minutes. If this is the shape of things to come, we are in trouble.

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  3. In previous years we’ve had very damaging hail storms so I feel your pain. We’ve just had solar panels put on our roof and it occurred to me when they we going up they didn’t look like they would withstand hail but they are guaranteed for 25years so we will see. This year we’ve had severe flooding – fortunately we’ve been lucky and have only lost plants and trees but people on lower ground have lost their homes. But it does seem to have finally pushed climate change to the front of peoples minds just in time for our elections.


    • I’m glad you’ve been okay although the climate / weather news from Australia continues to be very distressing. I’ve been wondering about the solar panels, too — my house would qualify if I didn’t mind having the panels on the roof that faces the street (reduces curb appeal).


      • We are lucky that our sunny side is at the back so we have panels on the back (north) , east and west sides. It’s winter here at the moment and the sun is hitting the panels from about 6.30am- 4pm ( and works as long as there is some sunlight – torrential rain, which we’ve had a lot of, tends to mean we produce very little. We have scheduled everything we possibly can to come on in the morning – washing machine, dishwasher and 3 power hungry swimming pool pumps. Today – cold but sunny- we were completely off grid between 8am and about 3pm. We used 49% of what we produced and fed 51% into the grid. I’d like a battery because then we could be 100% off grid most days but they are price prohibitive at the moment. I was squeamish about panels on the front aspect but I think that prejudice will disappear as people start to realise the advantages of them. Now I walk by a house with a huge bank of panels and am envious of the amount of energy they must be producing.

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        • I agree, I would like to be producing and not buying power. I also wonder how all of this gets recycled, eventually.


  4. I hope the repairs will be done soon! And fingers crossed that this will remain your only issue with severe weather.


    • Thanks! It was another moment where I thought it wasn’t all that bad that there aren’t many trees here yet. At dad’s house we would have had to spend days picking up sticks.


  5. Oh my goodness, that must have been some hailstorm!!! As you were – understandably – incapacitated at the time it was happening and couldn’t go to the window, did you nevertheless know that the hail was that bad and causing major damage? I mean, could you hear it on the roof? Hope you had some home insurance, too. But well, nice that you will get some renovations out of it.


    • Yeah, when it hails like that it’s really loud. It hails here a few times a year (pea-sized) and it’s loud, but this was another order of magnitude. The house is correctly insured (full replacement of roof). I’m looking forward to the deck resurfacing a lot — this was something we wanted to do last summer but there was too much stuff going on. Once that’s done, I just need to figure out how to deal with the mosquitoes most effectively and then there will be a lot of time spent on the deck on summer evenings.

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  6. Oh boy, as bad as the damage looks, I hope noone got hurt!?!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a smooth repair because I sure feel you re the low-level dread when it comes to ownership of a house and all it entails


  7. Not sure when you had your hailstorm or if ours was the same storm but we had one on May 9th. We have to have both out metal and shingled roofs on our house, garage and sheds. So the question about metal roofs does not always apply. When my husband when on the metal roof it looked like someone took a hammer to it. He said something about the integrity being compromised on keeping water out. We have to have our deck redone lots of pitting on the boards and even a big hole in the vinyl on one of the picture windows (lucky it didn’t break the window). My husbands car was totaled also. He bought back the car ( he put major work into it 2 years ago and is one he will never part with and that we own outright) and put the money to a different car for me, then will sell my car to our oldest son. My car had some damage but he never did anything about mine as it was not as bad, I was at work. He what to see what he was going to get for his then decide just to get a different and sell mine to our son. He was at work and said where he was at there was none but from talking to his co-workers it was from quarter to tennis ball size. The windshield on his dump truck was smashed right at eye level, he had the insurance off since he is not driving it at the moment. Lots of homes with damage in out town. When I got home from work it looked like we had strong winds and lots of rain.


    • I think that must have been the same day — sounds like you had it much worse than we did. Interesting about the metal rough. I hope you are managing to get it all fixed without too much hassle.


  8. […] from here]. So this is the thing that has really been occupying most of my time since the end of March. […]


  9. uuff, hope the weather will stay clement while the repairs are done! Difficult with so much having to be done at once but lucky you were well insured, seems increasingly important. At least the upside will be a nice new deck 🙂
    I had a crazy storm like this while being away, with national alarms ringing all throughout the night warning people not to go out. We used to have some hail each year as summers got hot, but nothing like this! I think we need to rethink insurance and construction materials as unfortunately it looks like these events will be more frequent in the near future. Do go for the solar panels if you can, they will be come increasingly valuable. Too bad currently there is little subsidy and proper thinking, but hopefully they will become more affordable as they are a great solution both against increasing energy prices and give you some independence when the grid has problems, like after storms. Here some people had no electricity for up to 3 weeks in Scotland after strong storms, shocking… I guess we’ll all need to rethink things for the future.
    I hope the techadores bring some restaurants and food outlets with them! I love a bit of norteno music, especially outdoors 🙂
    Crossing fingers repairs will go well. Agree on the adjustments needed when becoming home owner, the repairs seems to start as soon as and never stop! LOL

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    • Things are surely changing. We had a whopper of a storm again tonight. No hail here, but tornadoes all over the place.


  10. Oh my goodness, yikes on those hailstones! Glad no one was injured and that you’ll have someone who can repair the roof for you. It does help that insurance can cover the cost. Yep, things going broke in the house can be a huge pain in home ownership…


    • It kind of makes me think that this will not be my last residence. If it seems like I’m going to get a lot older, I’m definitely moving into a condo or even a rental. Too much worry.

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