Head is, as usual, spinning.

So, natch, if you have not, please go see these early Armitage photos from a production called “Use Me as Your Cardigan” sourced somehow by Jonia, Girl Detective! And of course these that appeared by Frenzy, too. (Yeah, Mr. Armitage, I’d definitely use you as my cardigan.)

I wonder if Mr. Armitage maintains his own archive or scrapbook of these things? If he’s got a box somewhere he deposits the debris of his career in? Mementos?

In case I am, as usual, behind the times (I thought when Frenz said that her two photos had been widely seen that I was rather lame for not having seen them), I apologize to you for repeating something that everyone already knows, but I think that means we now have an identification for this woman: it would be Joanna Bending?

I’m sure you’ve seen all of these and want to talk about them at those sites — please especially leave a comment by Jonia, since she did a lot of research to produce this result!

I drove past this, northbound, again. I hadn’t seen noticed it in years, and I suspect I haven’t driven through that specific place northbound since 1991. A friend had reminded me of it recently and sent me a picture I couldn’t read; I was reminded again when I saw it at night. This is a screen shot off of a photo from web. See, Mr. Armitage? If you came to visit us, we have already named a thoroughfare in your honor! If you want to come, let us know. I know someone who’d be happy to organize your visit to Armitage Avenue.

What I was going to write today will pale in the face of all of the new pics that have been revealed, so I’ll be back tomorrow. I must admit I’m really tired. It’s good to be here, but 1300 mi is a long way to drive, and I seem to have lost my ability to drive for the whole 450 mi my gas tank will go without refill. I had to stop every 250-300 mi and that made it a longer trip. That is a lot of landscape to cover, a lot of different accents and people I encountered, and lots of time in the car to ponder things. (Yeah, I was going to write about Sylvester again, since I listened to it twice. That can wait till tomorrow; it’s not urgent. Oh, and I came up with a new plan for a video, which I fiddled with a bit this afternoon.) I also always forget about the culture shock of being here, and it’s likely to be a bit more severe than usual this time around as I’m descending a bit deeper into the Servetus family cultural heritage. Oh, and tomorrow’s early church. Maybe I can pretend to be asleep. Wait, I’m driving.

Yeah, time for some vodka and some bed. If I owe you an email you will hear from me then as well. Thanks for all your kind wishes.

~ by Servetus on December 18, 2011.

20 Responses to “Head is, as usual, spinning.”

  1. I think Mr. Armitage would be the coziest, cuddliest cardigan imaginable. *thud*
    I love the look on his face when he is taking the dark-haired actress in his arms . . . oh, smoulder, Rich, smoulder.

    We used to have a 1600 mile drive from SD to Alabama. You could do it in two days but it was tough, so we usually took an extra half-day. The 400 miles from easten to western SD was mind-numbingly boring . . . as Benny said, if I had been a pioneer and seen all that barren prairie, i think I would have turned back (too used to lots of trees . . .) Very little variation in the landscape . . .


  2. Hey, thanks for posting the photo of the Chicago expressway!! Yahoo!!!

    ‘Armitage’ is also a stop on the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) Brown and Purple Elevated Lines (‘L’). Before working in London, I used to take the Purple Line into the Loop every morning from Evanston. It’s quite the trendy area of Chicago, actually, with lots of boutique shops and lovely restaurants.

    So glad to have you back, Servetus, and to know you are safe.

    Happy Holiday Season and see you after Boxing Day!!


  3. Glad you made it home safely. Have a relaxing break!


  4. You don’t know boring until you’ve driven from Dallas to Colorado. Most of the trip is in West Texas, and not the pretty parts. Thank you, Richard Armitage for your audio books!!!!!

    As to Chicago, yep, that’s a nice area. SO’s people are from around there and all over Illinois as well as Wisconsin.


    • LOL I have actually been across a good portion of Texas, too-two BILs and their wives live there.

      You know a landscape is pretty barren when, as in SD, the few sparse campsites advertise : RV hookups, swimming pool . . . and “we have TREES!” Being from Alabama and having taken many a walk through the woods growing up, I thought that was pretty hilarious.


    • That drive sounds just as boring as the one across Nebraska to Colorado. I refer to it as the Dead Zone


      • I was always thankful the AF base in Nebraska was in the eastern part, just across the Missouri from Iowa. We actually got to live in probably the prettiest part of the state. Lots of trees and rolling hills. Yeah, this great big country of ours has some boring places to journey through, that’s for sure.


        • You lived at the base? I’m about 10 miles west of there! Too bad you’re not still there, it would have been so fun to have an RA buddy in town, We could have hung out at Starbucks and drooled over Sir Guy


          • Wow! Yes, we lived there for five years in the early to mid-90s. We started out renting an apartment in Fontenelle Forest and when our house back in SD finally sold, we moved to a house in Bellevue. It’s a small world, after all . . . yes, it would be so nice to have an in-person RA buddy for a change. 😀


            • We always avoided living on base . . . Benny said it felt too much like taking his work home with him. 😉


              • Maybe sometime you and the Sloth guys could come back for a visit? John Porter could visit the base, Guy could hunt for Robin in Fontanelle Forest, Harry could do my taxes. And I’m sure I could think of some way to keep Lucas occupied.


  5. Hi Serv,
    I wonder if anyone has ever tried to pinch the road sign. I’m not intending to give anyone ideas. Ha!

    In the picture of RA with the blond, he looked very gaunt. I suppose that it could have been bad lighting–or maybe his karma was distancing himself from the blond. Ha! Come on over to the auburn brunette side Mr. Armitage–with or without your cardigan. Ha!

    And long distance driving is never fun. Be sure to give yourself plenty of bReAks.

    Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


  6. Oh Servetus, what shall I say???? I’ve always trouble keeping in track of your blog let alone all the others. All the posts and comments are flooding in when I´m asleep, at work, being busy with the rest of that apparently inevitable RL, or I’m simply somehow indisposed (too much drooling over RA!!!!!! and reading all your texts and your legenda recommendations… Uff 🙂 ). At least it seems to me I’m rarely prepared to give a decent or witty or pertinent remark (head spinning !! You know???) and all that even without driving 1300 miles home like you did….
    I remember I’ve seen the pic with the woman but I’ve obviously missed any discussions about who she is. Were there any?
    Good to know you reached home safe and sound. Servetus, I want to say ein ganz, ganz dickes Dankeschön for your ongoing enjoyable, passionate, intriguing, enriching, challenging (simply wonderful – wunderbare!) writings and for taking care of us commentators.

    Hey Ladies!! You all have a wonderful festive season wherever you are. It was an incredible pleasure to make your acquaintance throughout this year 2011 in Armitageworld. Thank you all.


  7. Tis been while since I’ve been able to read your blog, my bad. But OMG what finds when I finally ventured back here.
    And how unfair. He’s been looking better and better as he ages, while I…well, let’s not go there. 😉


  8. Ditto Linda60! What fun we’ve/I’ve had!! Y’all constantly amaze me with your posts and comments. And make me laugh. A lot.

    Hear ya on the long road trips. Hubs relented 3 yrs into our move 500 miles away from “home” to me driving the trip by myself. Well, I had 3 little boys in tow but who would be crazy enough to hijack a middle age woman and 3 rowdy boys?!! Later, I was making the trip with teenagers driving me, thus the grey hairs and bugged out eyes. Now it’s just me and Richard for 500 miles. Yep, Frenz, thank you RA for the audios! =0) Actually, even preRA, I didn’t mind the 500 mile drive, even it was only me and the truckers and farmers on the highway. I loved the time to myself to listen to whatever radio station or CD I wanted!!!

    Hope your break is marvelous and fun-filled. Heck, maybe you’ll run into a dentist..or 2?!! Merry Christmas to the whole lot of you out there in RAmitageWorld!!!


  9. This week leading up to Christmas inevitably gets busy so I want to take this opportunity and add my best wishes to those of the others here.

    Girls, thankyou for the education and the laughs, the sighing and the drooling, and the way you make it possible for me to indulge in Armitagemania and not feel alone in my feelings. I look forward to more of the same in 2012.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, however you celebrate the festive season, I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends. 🙂


  10. […] readers wrote to mention that “Armitage” is not only an exit on the Dan Ryan, it’s also a CTA stop. I’ve never been in that one. Pretty much when I go to Chicago I […]


  11. The pic with his eyes looking up makes my insides gooey. I will have to get u a better pic of the street sign. 🙂


  12. […] as the afternoon was tilting toward evening, I was driving past the Armitage exit and thinking about life, the universe, and everything — and you, of course. I was thinking […]


  13. […] of us have driven past it regularly — the Armitage Avenue tollway exit. Today a fan took her Richard Armitage cutout to visit his very own elevated train […]


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