Renewed conspiRAcy to spReAd the love in 2014!

I’ve been graciously asked to join the group of collaboRAtors and conspiRAtors who are spReAding the love in 2014!



You can read about the historical origins of spReAd the love — which started as a blood drive, and which we’ve expanded and been doing off and on for a year and a half or so — here.


For our 2014 initiative, ALL acts of kindness count.

Money is wonderful (and you can also donate to JustGiving in honor of Richard Armitage / spReAd the love here), but practical kindness is just as important in our daily lives and those of our neighbors. This also gives some RA-recognition to those who prefer to donate time or volunteer in local communities outside of the United Kingdom.

The initiative will last for all of 2014.

Any kindness counts — one that one of us does, or one that is done for us that inspired us or might inspire others to give back.

An anonymous donor will donate £1 to Richard Armitage’s named JustGiving charities for every act of kindness done through “spReAd the love” and noted here or here by the end of February 2014, up to a limit of £200!

This initiative means a lot to me because of all of the random and intentional kindness that’s been bestowed on me in 2013. You’ve read a lot about it on this blog.

The latest, most amazing gift was given to me yesterday — my department chair, who noticed I’ve been drowning at work, provisionally gave me an additional teaching assistant for Spring term 2014 (subject to enrollments, but mine are really high). This act of kindness will reduce my workload by approximately twelve hours a week, giving me more time to write and plan, and also give a graduate student some practical training and mentoring.

I’ll be blogging about this from time to time as the year rolls on, so expect to hear more.

Won’t you spReAd the love in 2014?

~ by Servetus on December 27, 2013.

8 Responses to “Renewed conspiRAcy to spReAd the love in 2014!”

  1. Reblogged this on Unkraut vergeht nicht….oder doch? and commented:
    Als Fan wird man öfter mal ‘Opfer’ von blöden Kommentaren oder man erntet Unverständnis. Mir macht das nichts aus und Teil einer Communitiy zu sein, die nicht nur schwärmt, sondern sich auch Wege ausdenkt, um unsre Welt ein kleines bißchen besser zu machen, macht mich stolz! In diesem Sinn: Seid nett zu anderen und tut anderen Gutes. Dazu muss man nicht unbedingt Geld spenden, man kann auch einfach anderen ein offenes Ohr leihen, wenn eins benötigt wird, oder Zeit mit jemandem verbringen, der sich darüber freut…
    A big THANK YOU to my fellow bloggers who created these campain and are so thoughtful – you rock!!!!!


  2. What a lovely idea. I give blood regularly and my next donation is due on 8 Jan… Not sure if it counts if I was going to do it anyway!


    • it definitely counts! I’m not one of the official talliers but leave a note on one of the links above, either Obscura / Ancient Armitage or FunkyBlueDandelion. And thanks in advance!


  3. Your boss did that? We’re totally counting it.


  4. This is a wonderful idea. I am going to give a donation to a local organisation and I’m so totally going to brag about it to pick up my £1 for JustGiving 🙂


  5. […] Talking about the fandom and contributing I absolutely love the idea behind Spreading the Love 2014 (read more here). […]


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