“Gruesome anniversary” took place ten days ago

I’m seeing this extensively on Twitter, so just want to mention again the Julian / Gregorian calendar ten-day time lag. The “day” is not the same as the “date,” and July 19 (today’s date) fell on a different day in 1692. I wrote about this extensively here, after the first anniversaries of executions of Salem “witches.” It’s fine by the way if we want to celebrate it today — the key for me in writing that post was to point out the arbitrary and personal nature of the choice to celebrate any anniversary.

It’s not about the date; it’s about us and what we choose to remember and why.

~ by Servetus on August 19, 2014.

3 Responses to ““Gruesome anniversary” took place ten days ago”

  1. I noticed that as well but wasn’t really going to say anything, as I tend to ruin people’s fun enough as it is 🙂


  2. If people’s fun is ruined by honesty, so be it …


  3. […] of anniveraries, the Old Vic did mark the […]


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