Richard Armitage, now also with ladder


~ by Servetus on August 9, 2016.

17 Responses to “Richard Armitage, now also with ladder”

  1. A little bit out of context but fits nicely with the colours. Ladder lad 😊


  2. Shades of DIY? 😀

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    • My fantasies always involve him fixing something. Probably due to me always fixing something around my place or trying to reach for something he can get.


  3. i just wonder at these backdrops. Were they just walking by and noticed and the ladder and said “you match! Let’s take a picture!” Plus what he must be thinking! But he looks fabulous as always.

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    • I assume the photographer looks at where they are photographing and brings props. I always find myself wondering what the props are supposed to say, though. “Work in progress?” “paint me!” “I’m on my way up”? “I am bemused by random clutter”?

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  4. Adds some lines and strokes and the colours match perfectly 😉 Still not in favour of his beard but I like unusual pics. This is kinda offbeat for RA. I liked this outfit at the TCA because it’s summer and a brighter, light-footed appearance seemed suitable. For me it’s just one of his different shades/facets. The more the better! Besides it’s also quite a counterpart to his probably more “darker” role as Daniel Miller he was there to promote.


  5. It was a little unexpected gift that they kept back! How lovely. Perhaps it’s the new renovation fashion statement? No more old clothes for painting, the new look is a beautiful suit and sweater, accessorized with the whitest of sneakers.


  6. Hmm, I admit I don’t like the sepia tint of these photos. They make the whole scene look rather bland and boring IMO.
    Also not a fan of his shirt (my grandfather wore those, and RA is about 30 years too young to wear them 😉🤐), well and the no socks thing, not too fond of that in a business situation either. Does his team/stylist try to turn him into a fashionista? I think I preferred his style prior 2012, or maybe he just needs a different stylist. But then again, he’s a grown man and I guess he wouldn’t wear clothes he didn’t like…
    Isn’t it fascinating how a beard changes a man’s face?


    • According to observers, lots of men were going without socks at this occasion. Part of what they are selling w/Berlin Station is the look. So I think this was appropriate. This outfit apparently wasn’t styled by Ilaria Urbinati, but what a stylist is for is to turn you into a fashionista. It’s what’s expected in Hollywood.


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