Comment to donate for Richard Armitage’s 45th birthday!


It’s past midnight on August 22nd in the UK, where Mr. Armitage was born, so let the post begin.

I wish Mr. Armitage all the best for the next year of his life, and hope he has a very special day! Over the years, his person and his work have meant a great deal to many of us, and my continued participation in that tradition is meant as a very small thanks for the joy many of us have experienced in the Armitage fandom.

In honor of the occasion, I will make a donation of $1 (US) for each person who comments on this post from now until I close comments (probably around midnight my time on Monday night). A person is someone with a unique handle, email and IP address who leaves a comment here at my wordpress blog, or tweets to me in response to this tweet. Limit one comment or tweet per person. I will not accept comments from people who have been blocked. There is no limit on the donation, but if comments exceed past expectations I reserve the right to complete the donation in installments. When I have made the donation, I will publish proof on this page. I will leave a message on the JustGiving page but will not be sending separate notice to Richard Armitage.

As in years past, the money will be donated via JustGiving to Childline.


You may also want to give to one of Armitage’s other JustGiving charities. And Guylty is still taking bids and donations — there is now a premium for raffle among donors available — in her birthday fundraiser to benefit Save the Children as well.

Your comment does not have to have any particular content, but if you’re looking for something to say, you might share what you’d make Richard Armitage for a birthday dinner!

Again, happy birthday to Mr. Armitage and happy Armitage Day for the rest of us.

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~ by Servetus on August 22, 2016.

190 Responses to “Comment to donate for Richard Armitage’s 45th birthday!”

  1. Hi Servetus! Since I’m not a great cook, I’d take him out to a sushi train and we’d pig out on all the most expensive ones. Thank you and happy birthday Richard!

  2. Nice of you to do this as I can’t donate this year. Thank you!

  3. Very generous of you! I love how some members of this fandom demonstrate their respect for Richard with generosity and kindness. You are a great example of that. Thank you.

    • Thanks. It’s really just an excuse for me to steal excellent meal proposals …

  4. Hi Serv! Here’s wishing Mr. A a memorable 45th! 🎂🎉🎈 In my fantasy, his birthday dinner would involve a limitless glass of Pinot noir 🍷 and a stroll along a quiet beach at sunset. 🌅 There’s more … let imagination fill in the blanks. 😊

    • Will there be a little hobbit who follows you with the wine bottle? sounds wonderful.

  5. Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage. Chicken with 45 cloves of garlic, rosemary roasted potatoes and asparagus with lemon, butter and sprinkling of parmigiana. A Côtes du Rhône seems preferred.

    • 45?? wow, no birthday kisses then? 😉

      • Is this a reply to me? I don’t do dessert. I providecheese, fruit and some spread, like fig paste or guava jelly. Depends what looks good to me at the time. Some guest or guests have to bring baked good if they want them. (are we getting another $ for this?) I try to steer them in the right direction, but it doesn’t always work.

        • oops, sorry S, not meant to distract with additional comments! this is not for more $ just more food drool!
          Yes, i got distracted by the delicious idea and was pondering if you’d want his thank you kisses after, given the 45 cloves of garlic in the chicken (yum!) ? 😉 I’d take that over most desserts anytime.

          • I think as long as everyone involved in the kiss eats the garlic there’s no serious problem.

          • The garlic cooks for so long that it loses its sharpness and becomes soft and nutty – like roasted garlic. The actual dish calls for only 40 cloves, but I figured I’d add an extra 5 instead of birthday candles.

            • he’s not getting older, he’s getting garlickier.

              I think I’m going to make this this week.

              • Or maybe he is getting garlickier. Whose recipe?

                • Do you have a recommendation? I was just going to google it.

                  • I like Ina Garten’s for ease and flavor and because it is not so stew like – but I leave out the cream and just make sure I have a rich sauce/gravy.

                  • And P.S. I have finished the chicken in the oven instead of on top of the stove, and it works just as well.

                  • at 350

                    • I saw that recipe first and I have two of her cookbooks, so I’m well disposed. re: cream — good to know — although we are not in the least hostile to dairy around here, sometimes it can overpower the juices.

                    • That’s my feeling with this dish. I’m not opposed to cream, but use it very rarely, and sometimes just a touch. It can dilute the flavor and this dish doesn’t always give you as much fond as you want anyway. I used to keep tins of demi glace ( veal, beef and chicken) – works really well in a pinch and for quicker cooked meats.

                  • I use almost the same exact method, slightly different ingredients, for a lemon/garlic flavored chicken called Chicken scarpriella.

    • If he can’t accept, I will. Yum!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mr. A. Hope the year ahead exceeds his expectations.

  7. It is so generous of you to donate on Richard’s birthday! I’d make grass-fed filet mignon with grilled asparagus. Simple but delicious 🙂

  8. Happy birthday Richard,
    Although I love you tons,
    For dinner I would make you,
    Elaborate reservations.

    • favorite place?

      • Have to admit it would be a local Mexican joint or a tiny Italian place in a strip mall. We would eat our takeout dinners at a picnic table on a bluff overlooking the ocean. How considerate of him to have his birthday in the summertime so we can watch the pelicans and the surfers glide by. And you?

        • I’ve had this Armitage restaurant fantasy for around her for years and recently the restaurant closed 😦

          So I would probably go on some variation of the August in Wisconsin summer meal linked below. August is so short, the vegetables should not go to waste!

  9. Happy Armitage Day to you Serv and thank you. I hope RA has a wonderful day, however he celebrates. 🙂

    • Apparently, by starting rehearsals for Love Love Love. That’s gotta be a good omen 🙂

  10. I love your birthday tradition for RA &Childline! May this day be a joyful one for all years in the future for him and for us because of him too 🙂 Wishing him always many reasons to celebrate!

    Meal? well, if i may, i would then include him in a childhood family tradition and probably my own favourite since i don’t know what his own could be: homemade Schnitzel with potato pure and a simple salad of green lettuce with vinegar and sugar dressing or if we managed to make some this year, sour-cherry compote. And for dessert my own homemade crepes (with sparkling water, not milk, for a much lighter texture) with homemade apricot jam. There are i know much more sophisticated restaurant meals out there, but this would be my choice of celebration 🙂

  11. Very generous of you 🎂Happy Birthday to Richard!
    I’d go for something traditional, Roast beef with yorkshire pudding and eton mess for dessert 🍽

    • Very English!

      • 😉 Isn’t it. I noticed since living abroad (never mind how much I consider good old Blighty my home now) I occasionally crave the traditional, home cooked meals I loved when growing up. And a birthday might just trigger that craving. Let’s hope Berlin Station hasn’t turned him into a vegan, otherwise we might end up with only the greens and dessert.

        • I have the same thing. It’s not that I’m not still adventurous but in terms of what I want to make, I’ve become more “traditional” (for lack of a better word)

  12. I love that you do this. 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday RA. Well I’m not the cook my husband is so although this does not sound romantic I would invite Richard and some of his and some of our greatest friends over and D would make steak sous vide roasted potatoes (which are to die for) and bread salad with his homemade bread croutons. Also there would be much wine again picked out by D because I just grab pretty labels and D actually knows about wine! 😃 Hopefully we would all talk for hours and people would stay late and feel happy well fed and loved! Mel

    • That sounds like a wonderful party, actually. I don’t think I’ve yet had the opportunity to try anything sous vide, but I like the idea.

  14. Hi Serv! I can’t cook at all, so he would get a hometown favorite, runzas.

    • I can’t believe I didn’t know what that was, as it turns out to be Volga German! Looked it up. That certainly looks hearty.

  15. Ps thank you Serv for hosting this! Very generous of you. Always enjoy reading your blog and comments!

  16. Happy birthday to Richard. I haven’t cooked in years (outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas), but I’d cook Salmon, farm fresh salad, and some kind of home made bread. and a chocolate kahlua birthday cake.

    Your are very kind to do this. Bless you.

  17. I think simple, American, summer food with a grill theme. Grilled Stonington, CT scallops as an appetizer. Filet Mignon on the grill, guessing he could eat 2 or 3. Baking potatoes rubbed with EVOO and sea salt, wrapped in tin foil, on the grill. Native corn on the cob, and native heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil as sides. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate ice cream as well as watermelon for dessert.
    Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for a midnight snack. He’d be way too full to go anywhere after all that, hehehe 😉. Thank you Servetus

  18. I have ideas but in fact I’d probably ask him what he wanted to have & take him to the best restaurant I could find for that (since I’m not the greatest cook lol)…. thanks for doing this again, Servetus ❤

  19. Thanks for your wonderful generosity and Happy Armitage Day!
    If I could make a birthday supper for Richard it would be fresh caught walleye fillets, lightly breaded and sauteed in butter, with a big green salad and garden potatoes with sour cream. With a huge chocolate cake for dessert of course! And Lots of wine! 🙂

  20. Thanks for your post and generosity….for dinner I would make him large pasta shells stuffed with ricotta, butternut squash and spinach with fresh figs for dessert! (and you’re invited too! …but then you have to go cause it’s his birthday and I would need to give him his present).

  21. Cheers to generous fans!

  22. Thanks for doing this Servetus. I think I might just get him a big Melton Mowbray pork pie , some Stilton and/or Red Leicester cheese with some gourmet chocolate ice-cream. No calorie counting on one’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Richard!! You are the best,

  23. Very generous, Serv! You are, as we ‘Romper Room’ grads say “A Good Do-Bee.” (Where my Canadian RA sisters at? 🙂 )
    As for supper, count me as a big fan of cooking meat over fire — light the ‘Q for surf & turf, steaks (big t-bones for flavour!) herbed potatoes, shrimps & scallops, and my favourite – Baked Alaska for dessert.
    Sooooo hungry now…

  24. Thanks for doing this… Very generous of you. I would make him barbecued rib steaks, with fried mushrooms and onions in worstershire sauce, with baked potatoes and all the fixings and Caesar salad. A Pinot noir from our wonderful BC vineyards. And then chocolate truffles from an excellent chocolate shop for dessert, with a nice BC ice wine.

  25. Just interjecting a comment here — there is a definite “meat” theme going on. I guess we don’t believe he’s a vegan, lol.

    • Hope not… That might actually be a deal-breaker for me! I enjoy a meatless meal once in a while, but I like my steak!

    • nope… but i can cook vegetarian too, the majority of my friends are 🙂 but there is no replacement for a Schnitzel. I had an aubergine one (ie it was an aubergine Schnitzel) for my 40th in what is supposed to be the best vegetarian in town. Was nice, i love aubergine.. but it ain’t no Schnitzel 🙂

    • Sorry MF and all the 🐃🐖🐑🐔

  26. Happy birthday to Richard Armitage! Wish him huge success with ‘Love,Love,Love’, ‘Berlin Station’ and all his upcoming projects.

    I’m not a great cooker, but with help of a cookbook I think I would be able to prepare something delicious for the Birthday dinner, Coq Au Vin for example 😊

    Happy RA Day for all of us!

  27. Wonderful Servetus!

    Hm, I would make him either my spinach tomato mozarella lasagna because it always turns out very good so it’s a safe card 🙂
    Or saucy chicken pasta. Not saucy as in saucy, but you know, with sauce 😉 Wine with that is always very nice!
    (Now I’m going to read what everyone else will make, get some inspiration… ^_^)
    Happy Birthday Richard!

  28. I hope he has a great birthday. Skip the dinner and go right for the chocolate ice cream.

  29. Can’t believe he is 45 already! Seems like yesterday we celebrated his 40th 🙂

    • You’re not kidding. I’m sympathetic to him on that score — I feel like the last few years have raced past as well.

  30. Happy Birthday Richard Armitage! I would like to share my Nutella-Icecream with you.
    Serv, and with you too, because of your generous idea!
    (Jetzt macht sich mein Gequatsche endlich mal bezahlt)

    • Happy Birthday Mr. Armitage and THANK YOU to Serv for doing this again!

      Since CraMERRY would feed the birthday boy with the first thing that crossed my mind (Nutella icecream 🙂 ) a nice grilled steak and lots of different salads would have to do for his birthday dinner. That’s what my nephew got who’s birthday was two days ago 🙂

    • that icecream looked fantastic.

      • Habe sie gestern noch schnell nachgebaut und heute Nachmittag probiert. Lecker, aber jetzt ist mir ein wenig schlecht ….. Deutlich zuviel Sahne.

  31. I went to bed too early last night – missing this post go up. It’s lovely to wake up to your message, and to see that so many people have already commented, driving your donation up 🙂 . I’ll be writing my own birthday post for Richard later on, but I’ll take the opportunity and wish him a happy birthday here in the comments, too. You said it well – he has brought much joy to so many. Whatever happens to the crush (and it’s currently actually doing well – thanks to the auctions), I’ll always have a soft spot for him because of that.
    Thanks to you, too, Serv!

    • I’ve been going to bed earlier, too. Need to readjust back to a normal human schedule.

      Happy Armitage Day!

      • And what an Armitage Day… Is this coincidence, the universe – or clever marketing?

        • I’m going to say coincidence — once the play begin date was decided they picked a day a month ahead of time which happened to be his birthday.

          • Yeah, agree. Don’t think the marketing on either side is that perfidious 😉

            • I imagine they were told to wear something casual they would be okay with being photographed in. (and now I’m wondering if it’s okay to say, “and wow, Zoe Kazan does not appear to be wearing a bra” or if that makes me into an underwear shamer. well, she should wear or not wear what she wants 🙂 ).

            • sorry — that response goes elsewhere, kind of — I was answering another quesiton in my brain. Geez. One tab at a time, Serv!

              I think if they were using it as a marketing thing it would have showed up in more places than just the Roundabout theater social media.

              • hehe, and I was wondering where that bra reference came from… 😂 (I am switching between about 12 tabs at the moment, too…)

  32. Yay, thanks so much for doing this again this year! I hope he’s having fun and that everyone’s having a great day. 😀

    • Pix helped a lot. I’m sure he doesn’t usually plan for a photo opp on his birthday but this was a nice one. Thanks for the comment.

  33. No idea about the food (yet) but there would be plenty of red wine. For him because (from what I gathered from several interviews) he really likes red wine and for me because I’d be a nervous wreck unable to get one single word straight without a terrible stutter or an idiotic grin or both. :3

    By the by. I had exactly two dreams starring Richard Armitage. In both my boyfriend was also present…. and none was saucy. sad face
    BUT… I had the most fantastic conversations with Mr Armitage about character development, researches, music / playlists and literature in general and it was so awesome.
    And then a bomb went off nearby and Mr Armitage led Mr R. (the boyfriend) and me to safety. This is what happens when you first read interviews and THEN bing watch “Strike Back”.
    We also had red wine in those dreams.
    Brains… such funny places at times.

  34. Happy Birthday Richard Armitage !! For his birthday dinner i would prepare some Lamb Loin wrapped in fresh homegrown herbs with roasted potatoes and green beans, I simply have to have beans with lamb… He would have to choose the wine as I have no idea about alcohol except in cooking. And some small cakes filled with chocolate ice cream and cherries for dessert. Ok, now I am getting hungry again, just after breakfast 🙂 Thx for this opportunity and your generousity !

  35. happy birthday to a wonderful actor! as we say in my country: maligayang kaarawan!

  36. Happy bithday to Richard Armitage, and to servetus: Thank you for your generosity.
    I’m not a great cook, but I’d give it my best with fried green asparagus with a sauce made from sesame oil / soy sauce / fried sesame seeds, pasta in a mushroom sauce, and as a desert some self-made chocolate mousse. I’d be on my last nerve – I rarely cook – but should be able to manage this.

  37. Thank you, Servetus🍻 🙂
    Sto Lat ! 🎤⚡️🎵🎹Sto Lat!🙉 ..for Richard and his Fans!

  38. Aw, Serv, this is great and very generous of you!!
    As for the food – I’m not much of a cook, don’t really love it, but my husband makes a mean lasagne verde (with fresh spinach and veggies, cherry tomatoes, ground beef, brie cheese). We’d have a nice bottle of red wine to go with it. And later, with the coffee, he’d get nice German Käsekuchen baked by my daughter and me (recipe by Suzy!), in celebration of Berlin Station.
    Or I’d take him out to dinner, all alone, to a restaurant. Depending on what he likes, it could be a nice very Dutch pancake restaurant right next to a canal in the lovely city of Utrecht, or to a nice Indonesian restaurant, or maybe Tapas… or Mexican… oh man, too many good options!

  39. Happy birthday, Mr. Armitage! Have a great day with rehearsals and hope someone brings lots of choco ice cream! ❤

    • if he’s desperate he can stop by a bodega on the way home and get some — but I hope someone thought of it for him, too.

  40. Thanks for doing this Servetus!

  41. Happy birthday, dear Richard Armitage!
    Ich glaube, er könnte sich über Lamm in Kräuterkruste, Speckböhnchen und Schwenkkartoffeln freuen und danach über irgendeinen äußerst schokoladigen Nachtisch. Ich würde die Variante mit der kleinen, aber netten Geburtstagsparty bevorzugen. Mit Freunden zusammen wäre die Atmosphäre ungezwungener und wir hätten sicher viel Spaß.

    • völlig einverstandan — so lange auch ich eingeladen bin! (seriously, roast lamb in an herb crust sounds phenomenal).

  42. Dearest Richard… I wish him the best, always. Happy birthday!

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  44. Dear Michaela, I already replied on Twitter, but I want to be present here, in the comments as well – count me only once 🙂 Thank you for continuing this blog, my Armitage world is better with you in it. I highly appreciate your effort and commitment. Good luck in the future and lots of love to our birthday boy!

  45. A very Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Armitage! Enjoy your special day with friends and family and a hearty meal.

    I would serve a tender pork fillet with spinach topping and gratin dauphinois along with lamb’s lettuce with hazelnut dressing. This goes best with Pinot Grigio or some Alsatian white wine. For dessert I propose homemade cheesecake with fresh raspberry sauce.

    Thanks, Servetus, for doing this and for your blog, which is always inspiring.

    • mmm! that is the first pork entry, I think. I love potatoes dauphinois and I bet he does, too!

  46. So good to see you continue this great tradition Serv 🙂 Happy birthday to Mr. Armitage and I would probably cook “Boeuf bourguignon” which I discovered when I went to Burgundy 3 years ago. I love to drink a good red wine with it (not necessarily from Burgundy as I prefer red wines from Southern France). Potato dumplings or really good potatoes to go with the dish… (and now I have made myself hungry!!!) xx

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  48. Happy Birthday to Richard! ❤ Sto lat! ❤ May all his dreams come true. 🙂
    Thank you for your generosity Servetus. Have a Happy Armitage Day! :*

  49. This is very generous of you and your $ go to a really good cause.
    Happy birthday to Richard Armitage. May the coming year be healthy, happy and wholesome.
    …and whoops, he’s once again 6 years younger than me ❤ 🙂

  50. Glad to see you doing this again.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Armitage.

  51. Well if you want meatless how about a good ole vegetable plate which we all love done south — especially this time of year: butter peas, steamed cabbage, creamed corn, fried green tomatoes, vidalia onion/cucumber salad, topped off with cornbread and sweet tea with lemon. Peach cobbler and homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert.

    Happy Armitage Day to all!

    • Oh yea, then we’d sit on the front porch swing watching the stars and listening to the whipoorwill sing.

    • When I read this this afternoon it made me want to get in the car and drive back down south. Well, except for the sweet tea. But I love those vegetables you can get in a diner. So good.

      Happy Armitage day — with whippoorwill!

  52. Happy birthday, Richard! I thought I may forget it but I woke up and found myself here commenting.
    It’s been a hard year for many and I wish everybody can enjoy, even just for a while.
    Thanks Serv!

  53. I maybe too late but never mind, 2016 has been a tough year so far with illness etc but my interest in Richard has continued. Finally went to see Richard the third tomb last Tuesday and visited the battlefield at Bosworth and realised how close it was to his home village. I could imagine the Armitage boys running over the country park.

  54. Your initiative feels already like an old tradition now!! 😉 Thanks Serv for organising it again. During the day I considered extensively what I would offer to Richard on his birthday (+ reading all the tasty propositions of the ladies above!!). Cooking for him would probably be a task too difficult for me to handle under this special circumstances. Not sure what we’d might end up having on our plates. 😉 Me being so nervous and distRActed! (I know I’m always too realistic!)
    Therefore I decided I would take him out to a Biergarten (not that far away) with a spectacular view on lake Ammersee and the mountains! Certainly everybody would find something delicious to eat and drink. One even gets good wines at certain beergardens. Well, enjoying the outdoors with an especially interesting and handsome man (with a hopefully healthy appetite!) Sounds good to me!

    • 5th time, I guess (after the first time I did something like this, the 2011 fundraiser for Christchurch). A little boring now, I suppose, but I’m a creature of habit 🙂

      Love the Biergarten idea. Maybe they would have roast duck.

  55. i think it is very sweet of you, Servetus for doing this. I hope Mr. Richard Armitage had a great and wonderful birthday and I would make him desserts not dinner. I would make a cheesecake, bachelor cookies, or a grape nut custard.

  56. Since we are doing meals and I am 1/2 Italian I would go with Angel Hair Pasta. First you chop up several cloves of garlic very fine and then brown them in olive oil, when the pasta is finished you pour in over the pasta and mix through. Serve with warm crusty Italian bread , for veggies fresh green beans then some Pinot wine to go with it ( I would drink water-wine has a strange effect one me) and then for dessert something light like Italian Ice or lemon sorbet.

  57. De-lurking to wish Mr A a happy birthday, and to thank you Servetus for your excellent blog. The donation is a lovely generous gesture. I am a useless savoury cook, but am a pretty good baker, so I’d have to go with supplying cake (and wine of course!). The ‘rehearsal trousers’ from LoveLoveLove look very hipster to me, so I guess I’d go with a gluten free orange honey and polenta cake…

  58. I would make him crisp, breaded veal scallopini, penne with homemade sauce from local tomatoes, a plain tossed green salad, served with a nice bottle of Valpolicella, and chocolate/nutella cupcakes with espresso to end it.

  59. Happy Birthday Mr Armitage. I would do a proper roast dinner with Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding, crispy roast potatoes and veggies from out the garden. Followed by apple Crumble and homemade custard. Served with a lovely Pinot. Well done Serv xx

    • Thanks for this meal suggestion, Rosie — this seems to be the perfect August meal, I’m getting the sense: some kind of special meat w/fresh August vegetables.

  60. Are there French restaurants with great take-out? Not a spectacular cook here.

    Happy Happy!

  61. Good old fashioned English trifle.

  62. Un beau plateau de fruits de mer avec des huîtres fraîches, des bigorneaux, des crevettes grises, des moules, du crabe cuit, des palourdes, des coques, des couteaux et plein de langoustines … un bon verre de vin blanc pour lui et du citron, de l’ail, du vinaigre pour moi.
    Bon 22 ou 23 août à tous. Sorry to be late! Happy Birthday Mr Armitage.

    • That seems perfect for August 22nd! In the US we’d do a clambake but this seems very appropriate for France. Happy Armitage day!

  63. Happy birthday to RA! For a meal, we’d have a buffet of Indian street snacks and desserts made in the US since eating them from an actual Indian street stall would be too much for his delicate Western gastrointestinal system. And then finish it off with a cup of hot, milky, sweet chai. And since my own birthday is coming up in two weeks on the 4th, we will celebrate together and have a grand old time.

    • Ooooh! Samosa chaat???

      Happy birthday ahead of time. I hope it’s a great day.

      • Thanks for the good wishes.

        Yes, samosa chaat, pani puri, aloo tiki, jalebi, gulab jamun, etc.

  64. Thank you Serv for this annual opportunity to wish happy birthday to er……. Oh yeah! The Man. 🙂

    • Here’s to the Man. Remember that year we did the Twitter choir of “for he’s a jolly good fellow?”

  65. Mr. Armitage, I hope you have a fantastic extraordinary birthday as extraordinary as you are. Living on the Gulf coast I’d serve you a dinner of pecan-crusted redfish; fried green tomatoes; roasted asparagus and mushrooms with parmesan and sherry, and classic Southern bread pudding with caramel, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and bourbon sauce.
    Come hungry.

  66. Thanks to all the first time commentators.

  67. OK, gang, that’s it. Thanks to everyone who participated. I’ll have a number for you tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great Armitage Day.

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