I wasn’t worried about Richard Armitage’s accent, but …

this definitely makes me happy.


~ by Servetus on September 23, 2016.

12 Responses to “I wasn’t worried about Richard Armitage’s accent, but …”

  1. LOL!


  2. Another reason why I would love to see this play – he gets to use his own accent.


  3. It’s back!!!!! Some 60 emails in my inbox can only mean one thing :-))))
    It just hit me that for the next 3 months or so we will actually see him and hear of him nearly every day! Happy days! :-))
    I know i’ll need to slow down at some point, but for the moment feeling on an absolute high.
    All caught up! Thank you so much for this you’re an absolute star! Very very grateful 🙂 xx
    And the reactions are encouraging, lot of laughs and such and people looking happy 🙂


    • I hope this is as much fun as The Crucible was in that regard, although at least right now the hubbub is a lot smaller. I thought it was pleasantly manageable last night.

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      • Me too but it just hit me that it’s still in the street and I’m going in December so hm… there might not be one by then. Sigh 😣


        • it does make it a little dicier, but it’s a pedestrian alley and fairly sheltered. New York doesn’t necessarily have a really harsh winter.


          • Not to be whiney 😉but i will crosd fingers it may be so. Not worried about myself i grew up with harsh winters and have all the appropriate gear but actors may not want to hang around outside in those temperatures outside, understandably. Still, I’d be a bit crushed enjoying everyone else’s experiences for months and then the cold preventing it at the end of it 😢😭


            • I’m generally not one for stage doors but seriously considered it when I saw The River with Hugh Jackman. However it was 15 degrees that night (early January) and I quickly changed my mind once I got outside. But NY winters really aren’t that bad in Dec–much worse in Jan/Feb.


  4. Thank you for sharing all this stuff about LLL Premiere! I was on Twitter last night, from 4am till 7am local time, and concentrated on your tweets. It was amazing! I understood it could be a hard day for me after a nearly sleepless night (and it is) but just could not leave the screen. So glad the audience enjoyed the performance. Richard looks happy on the photos.
    Interesting the people find much laugh in the play. For me there are some places just in Act 1 for laughing.


    • Thanks. I will probably not do this every day (I have a life, too), but it was a lot of fun last night!

      I think this play really depends a lot on how it’s played. I also think that the last scene would have funny moments if you were (say) over 60. Not easy for me to laugh at, though.


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