Richard Armitage interviewed in Hebrew entertainment magazine

Thanks a million to and the translator, @soneek1, for providing this. (I’d seen the images and thought, I could try to translate that. It would take me two years.)

~ by Servetus on December 30, 2016.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage interviewed in Hebrew entertainment magazine”

  1. The pull of home is strong.


  2. Seems like the feeling didn’t deceive us…..


  3. ….those undercurrents I talked about when he left New York so fast after his last show, and I thought his Christmas message a bit unusual. Without his typical cheering. (Ok, actually right now it’s no time for inordinate cheering (!), and with all his more or less political references throughout this year maybe it was to be expected). It all had a feeling of getting away and being done with PR (for a while) as fast as possible! That’s at least how I experienced it.


    • Huh, okay. I guess we read those things quite differently.


    • I think there’s a difference between “wanting to be done with PR” (I had that perception as well) and “not wanting to live in the US anymore” (I didn’t get that feeling at all) and as a long-year veteran of trying to fly between the US and Europe at Christmas, I would be hesitant to interpret any rush to leave as more than the need to conform to the plane timetables (which are insane at that time of year — if you miss a flight you can be stranded for a week. The 18th is cutting it close already IMO, esp if he had theatre tickets for the 20th).

      That said, if it were a realistic option for me to leave the US right now, I would. I certainly don’t blame him. And even if home means something different to everyone, it certainly exerts its unique influence.


  4. What a lovely interview. It feels so genuine ( in comparison to the PR roller coaster he has been on this year).

    This reminds me why I like RA


    • Yeah, I agree. And it’s really interesting to see how his answers about Hannibal have changed from over against what they were during the Hannibal PR.


  5. Thank you for this – I really enjoyed reading it. I do hope he means it about not taking on any more roles where people dissect each other! Wrt PR, it seemed to me that he did more for Berlin Station than anything else he’s been involved in.


    • I think The Hobbit might have competed in terms of number of appearances but it was spread out over a much longer period (probably tedious in its own way). This was probably the most that he did in the shortest period of time (coinciding with the LLL promos, of course), and then he did all that tweeting as well.

      w/r/t dissections — amen! (of course, once you say that kind of thing, you immediately get offered something that challenges your statement. Like, dunno, I’m sure Robert Louis Stevenson wrote something about robbing graves to get medical specimens or something that would be considered classic. However, I’m totally with you on this).


  6. Great interview! A really enjoyable and interesting read. Don’t blame him a bit for wanting to get home as soon as he could. It must be hard to live so far away from loved ones. Can’t wait to see which roles he will accept next. In the meantime – roll on releases of work already completed!


  7. I’m disappointed that he seems to say he wouldn’t do cons. The prospect of RA coming to an Oz Comic Con one day was always something I was hopeful about.


  8. Thank you for posting this translation. It’s a very interesting interview, much more personal than what he did during recent months.


    • I almost wonder if he thought it wouldn’t be widely distributed? Armitage Army saves the day, though!


      • I wondered the same thing, Serv…. or maybe just close enough to the end of his major exposure through the play & BS that he didn’t care so much. I can see multiple reasons why he might want to go back, both professional and personal.


  9. Good ” Old” Richard 🙂
    Thank you for sharing , Servetus!


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