In which Richard Armitage appreciates women

You better not remove this one, dude.

~ by Servetus on March 8, 2018.

19 Responses to “In which Richard Armitage appreciates women”

  1. woooo, up close and personal with Sandra Bullock here. I’m jealous. Of him! (I love Sandra Bullock).

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  2. He didn’t list any sweehearts – did he just come out too? Just kidding! I couldn’t resist.

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  3. ….. Don‘t you dare….. 😁

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  4. Of course; his mama. From one little remark he made after the NY marathon in 2016, it seems his relationship is still going strong.


  5. I had to google ‘school run’. Richard, still teaching me things 😀


  6. Not going to say it to his face (Twitter), but he DID say it on Twitter…all the females that have made a difference or influence on his life, and didn’t mention us?! Feel like chopped liver, already.


  7. Not surprised he put his mum first, I’ve always had the impression he is very close to her.
    I googled it but I still don’t know what “school run” means other than the obvious. Could someone please explain it?!! 😀


    • I didn’t google it but assume he meant she drops her kids off at school and/or picks them up afterwards.


      • Aha, so it was the obvious – I thought it may have had a different meaning in the urban dictionary, so many words and phrases do these days. 😉

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