More on Wolverine: A Long Night and Richard Armitage

At The Wrap. Comments that the show is following a classic strategy of not showing ‘the beast’ too soon. Also: “By the end of the third episode I felt like Armitage at least had Logan’s voice down cold. And that’s all that matters here, isn’t it?”

At i09: “The best so far is, of course, Richard Armitage as Wolverine. We haven’t heard much of him yet, but Armitage has an excellent take on the X-Men hero, coming across as exhausted, miserable, and in desperate need of some hope. Logan is a complicated character, and Hugh Jackman’s portrayal is iconic, but Armitage really holds his own. My only complaint is that he’s not really a central part of the story, at least not yet. He’s more of a plot device.”

On the script author, at MPR.

At “Though series lead Richard Armitage only gets one line as Wolverine, he. Is. Perfect.”



~ by Servetus on March 13, 2018.

3 Responses to “More on Wolverine: A Long Night and Richard Armitage”

  1. So far so good 🙂 loved what i heard in trailer. RL just derailed again but hopefully i have an ok journey home tomorrow and can listen.


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