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~ by Servetus on May 5, 2018.

18 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Oh what a great interview with Lee Pace! (I could “cheat” on Richard with him!) I’ve actually never seen him in anything except the The Hobbit movies and Guardians.

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  2. Good interview with Lee Pace. He struck me as a sweetheart but a bit of a “flakey” actor nonetheless. He spoke early on (a bit unprompted I thought) about a relationship where you love someone but cannot remain with them… I think he may have been referring to his split with RA….a bitter break-up?


    • There’s been a lot of speculation about who he was speaking of (if anyone, or people in plural). Impossible to say.

      It’s interesting watching him morph from his publicity for TH, to HACF, to this. In every case he’s seemed a bit like the character he was playing. So I wonder if the current iteration isn’t somewhat influenced by AiA.


      • Posters on DL have made some disparaging comments about LP’s acting ability, that he is really portraying bits of himself through his roles!
        I do think RA has taken on some of the characteristics of his roles: I thought he appeared more ‘bolshy’, a bit abrupt in interviews when he was playing alpha male John Procter.
        It all leads me to wonder what lies at the core of these actors? (Possibly not a lot…..)


        • I think it’s inevitable that an actor would do that, just in terms of believability. It’s not possible to become an entirely different person. I don’t think the correspondence is one to one, though.

          I sometimes think (after years of observing Armitage’s public traces) that he has an unusually flexible sense of self. Although it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate between what he really believes and what is sales, not least because he so much talks himself into roles. In any case his sense of self is more flexible than mine! Also I remember that quote from about a decade ago where he said that you give yourself to a job and then afterwards you have to figure out who you are again.


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