Dana Schwartz backs down, I guess [?]

~ by Servetus on June 11, 2018.

26 Responses to “Dana Schwartz backs down, I guess [?]”

  1. Erlegt von seinem Charme 😎

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  2. I don’t know if she backed down. think she wants to quiet things down and make it stop ( and so does he, I believe). I’m sure that Armistace line is not too original, but it’s clever.

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    • No, we’ve been saying “Richard Armistice” for a while now. I’m sure he wanted it to calm down. Not sure about her. She seems to pick high profile things to talk about on purpose.


    • She’s still tweeting about it:

      “Have spent the evening being read excerpts from Richard Armitage’s Wikipedia page and have come to the conclusion that he is like the world’s most humble saint, and I am the jerk on twitter who had mocked the world’s humble saint.”

      She clearly thrives in this kind of negative attention.


  3. Back to normal? The twitter-gate difused? A line was crossed because Ms Schwartz’s tirade was uncalled for.
    I wonder what she got out of it, and why she felt the need to speak in CAPITALS about an actor she doesn’t know?

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  4. niggle mode on armistice! niggle mode off

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  5. Doubt it will happen, but I suggested maybe she should try doing her homework BEFORE tweeting if she intends to be taken seriously as a reviewer.

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    • I’m getting more and more the sense that she sees herself as some kind of comic writer — in which case, I think she doesn’t want to be taken seriously.


      • I think so. I read some excerpts from her forthcoming book on Amazon. Snarky and I thought a bit nasty. I think she sees herself as a creative non-fiction humorist.

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