Request re: spoilers at this blog

A reminder to everyone that I always do my best to add a SPOILERS tag to a post if there is information that is not generally known in it, and a request to commentators not to post SPOILERS here or if you feel you must do so, to mark them clearly so that the rest of us have a choice as to whether we want to learn about them.

My definition of a spoiler: something that is not generally known about a TV show at the time it emerges either as a rumor or a statement by a principal. Key to understanding this principle is that spoilers are time sensitive — what is a spoiler now will not be one in six months. The leadup to a show before the promotional phase is often rife with these, and it’s the most dangerous period. I can always choose whether to read official publicity or a promotional interview or not — I know what I’m getting into when I make those clicks. But I’d really rather not be reading about (for example) Berlin Station plot elements now. I try to avoid these as much as possible on Twitter, and even if I don’t always succeed, I always try to preserve that realm for others here. If you’re in doubt about what you want to say involves a spoiler, please think twice.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

~ by Servetus on July 7, 2018.

2 Responses to “Request re: spoilers at this blog”

  1. always a good reminder, serv. Hope all is well with you and your dad

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