Richard Armitage tangentially related

Happy Bastille Day to our fellow French fans! Although it’s a bit heavy of a dish for the weather lately, do consider indulging in some of Richard Armitage’s favorite potato dishes: aligot and dauphin gratinois. Or his favorite French grapes, such as pinot noir.

Richard Armitage fan art by the much-missed AgzyM. Source.

Ocean’s 8:

Berlin Station:

Their Lost Daughters:

Collateral attractions:

Industry issues:

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~ by Servetus on July 14, 2018.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. 🙂 To much tired after an other duty day (no “fête nationale” for me) to write or read but thank you from the heart!


    • It’s good you were there, just in case anyone got sick.

      Tremblez, tyrans!


      • “La Marseillaise”: the French national anthem will never be a fraternity song, for sure. It was originally a revolutionary war song and a freedom hymn.
        As a child, I sang it with all my heart, at the end of year show of my music school. Unfortunately, I did not understand the meaning of its bellicose verses.
        Fortunately, thanks to the “Beatles”. Due to them “The Marseillaise” will remain for posterity a love song and the title of a very explosive theater drama: “Love Love Love” …

          – “All you need is love” – Servetus and each of the inhabitants of this planet.

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        • I used to play it in my world history lectures. I had a French TA and she would get up and sing along. it was an amusing way to make a point about nationalism.


      • This duty day on July 14 will ever remain in my memory. I did it alone from 9h to 19h without a lot of rest time. It was exhilarating but I had not enough drugs: lithium for two patients, one flask of neuroleptic drops and colchicine for pericarditis. One of my colleagues (20km or 20min) to whom I asked for help was also disappointed, overwhelmed by so much work too. Je me rassérène en me disant que je fus très utile…


  2. Merci beaucoup! We have had a nice little firework display in our town. And tomorrow we are looking forward who will win the football world cup. So we have a weekend full of party


  3. I really like Richard Flanagan’s piece that you
    posted. His line “It is untruth that has outstripped truth” to me was him burying the lead here. Thank you for the article.


  4. 1- About Wolf Biermann: Thank you for this article, a man whose life and words were only commitments. It reminds me my 17 years’ old studies.

    2- Only bad romance movies for Christmas and funny- entertainment-exploration movies for summer. But bad romance books at the sea side or in the train and airport stations.

    3- “Ocean’s 8; a crab-stuffed with all kinds (eight, to be exact) of seafood, topped with gold flakes.”
    🙂 It reminds me of the 9th volume of Hergé’s Franco-Belgian comic strip: Tintin “The Golden Claw Crab”

    4- Lot of stuff of great interests in June 21 Richard Flanagan’s article. Thank you!

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  5. “But reality is not the same thing as truth.” You explained that a few days ago too as Richard Flanagan did in this article.

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