This is certain to go well

~ by Servetus on March 1, 2019.

22 Responses to “This is certain to go well”

  1. sigh Now why’d he go and do that?!? I haven’t read the book but can just about guarantee I’ll know the whole plot without ever watching the show. Way to go, Rich!

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    • Just avoid the casting announcement? I get why he’s making this please, but if he hasn’t noticed that no one is paying attention to him yet?


  2. Perfekte Strategie zur Erreichung des Gegenteils. ALLES Marketingggggghhhh ☺️

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  3. I like how he has really understood how frustrating it has been for people around the world not to have been able to see his work at the same time. 180+ that’s impressive.

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  4. oh Richard, you’re so cute, thinking people are going to listen. that’s not how social media works 😀

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  5. It’s a bit premature too

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    • Not really. It’d be premature if the miniseries weren’t based on a published novel. Of course, Richard’s request not to divulge anything that may spoil the “fun” of watching with fresh eyes will probably go unheeded.

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  6. I’m really looking forward to finding out who is playing the role of Corrinne, and can’t wait to see this series. I’ve ordered the book but still not sure if I will read it beforehand. I’ve just finished watching “Safe” and I’m glad I knew nothing about it beforehand – it was compelling viewing, lots of twists and turns.

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    • I am enjoying ‘Safe’ I have 2 episodes to see, no binge watching for me , Netflix must think my viewing habits are boring lol
      I like the fact it will show in 2019 after some projects waiting for this one will be easy peasy.y

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    • I haven’t even had a chance to think through my spoilers policy on this one. Too busy.


  7. One question from a non native speaker:
    When I read “casting is about to be announced” I thought we would hear something in the next few hours, but I was obviously mistaken. Is there any range of time that comes with that phrase?

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    • This made me giggle because exSO and I always used to argue about my employment of time-related adverbs in German. “Neulich” and “vor kurzem” were big stressors for us. Anyway, “about to be announced” could be a few hours, but it could also be a day or two — I would say up to a week.

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