Richard Armitage for the most bizarre parliamentary day ever

So if you’re Richard Armitage, are you glued to your news media on a day like this, or do you shut it all off so you can concentrate on work?

~ by Servetus on March 14, 2019.

7 Responses to “Richard Armitage for the most bizarre parliamentary day ever”

  1. He’s glued to it.

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  2. At work wondering wtf are they doing now?

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  3. Depends on whether he actually had scenes to shoot today. If so, definitely checking his phone to see what was going on.


  4. I despair at the damage this is doing to our democracy and despair at their lack of intelligence.
    I live in an area which is trialling a new voting procedure where you have to show evidence of your identity before you can cast your vote goodness knows why, it is hard enough getting people to vote especially in local elections without ‘hoops to jump through ‘ . I have never been aware of impersonation, the only case I am aware of concerned wrong doing by a prospective candidate trying to ‘fix’ his election.

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  5. Glued to media – checking in between takes. Well, that’s what he should do if he is serious about what he says on Twitter… Even I checked intermittently yesterday…

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  6. If he checks during the day, I wonder if he reacts in character.

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  7. I am sure he wants to be informed.

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