More My Zoe #richardarmitage

You can see it in Zurich.

Reviews (in German: “a palpable quantum leap“); Armitage is “capable”; a Swiss reviewer didn’t like it (in German).

~ by Servetus on September 13, 2019.

6 Responses to “More My Zoe #richardarmitage”

  1. Capable? Lavished with hyperbole then.


  2. It’s what I expected, RA has become ‘a safe pair of hands’ in small supporting roles . Boring but he is working.

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  3. My cousin went to see it in Toronto and said

    Its very sad and he was really good. It has a weird twist at the end. Def go and see.

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  4. Watching it right now never having read any reviews or the posts. Waiting until I finish watching it to read them but it’s so wrenching and their grief is palpable – Julie Delpy—– but Armitage whole face and body. I have to stop it at points it’s so visceral. Did you say this was shortly after his mother passed away?
    I have not yet watched the Crucible still so haven’t seen emotion to these depths.


  5. How the critic described Armitage as “capable” missed it, do i think? I think v thought provoking. Curious to see you wrote abt it, at the time it came out—haven’t seen much here but sometimes i do not know how i happen to find them. I also hadn’t read much lately because I fell into Tumblr that is like sugar like instant gratification. And I have all my undergrad credits still to get here, at UniServity of Armitagemania.


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