Will budget cuts affect future adaptations of Red Dragon?

Not a spoof. The news came this weekend that the Brooklyn Museum (where Armitage viewed the Blake print that Francis Dolarhyde masticates) will be selling several extremely famous works of art in order to facilitate ongoing maintenance of its collections under the current circumstances. Details here. Their Blake holdings are not on the list, fortunately, but the more general malaise in museumland created by Covid-19 means that several institutions are considering deaccessioning in order to keep their doors (figuratively, if not literally) open. Here‘s a piece about the Royal Academy, which owns and is considering selling the UK’s only work by Michelangelo.

It’s interesting how many narratives are dependent on certain works of art being located in certain places. (Dan Brown is fairly notorious for this.) What would happen if Francis couldn’t go to the Brooklyn Museum to see this piece of art? Could he fress on a facsimile?

~ by Servetus on September 22, 2020.

4 Responses to “Will budget cuts affect future adaptations of Red Dragon?”

  1. The RA (Royal Academy!) must really be desperate if they are considering selling work. For accredited museums in the UK (maybe in the US?) it is the last resort and those that have sold pieces face being ostracised by their sector. It’s a tricky one though, what is more important a unique piece of art, that everyone can see in a gallery, or someone’s job?


    • There’s a link in that linked article to a policy change by the AAMD regarding deaccessioning. Essentially they’re saying if you need to do it to keep afloat right now, we’ll look theo ther way.


  2. Oh no, that’s sad that they need to do that!


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