ICYMI: Bryan Fuller on shipping

Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller Is Done With Your Anti-Ship BS

is a bit older now, but it’s a piece on Bryan Fuller’s reaction to some NSFW fan art, and then his reaction to the people who reacted. I’m not a huge fan of Fuller or his aesthetic, but I agree with him fully on this point. Be aware if you keep clicking past the article and on to Fuller’s like, there is a drawing of oral sex.

~ by Servetus on October 16, 2020.

7 Responses to “ICYMI: Bryan Fuller on shipping”

  1. I’ve been living with covid for too long, because when I first saw the title I thought it was a piece about bryan fuller’s opinion of amazon free shipping

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    • I’m sure he’s a fan.


    • are you okay?


      • missing the grand baby as we’re not allowed to interact much (we FaceTime and go for walks but strictly no contact – meaning no hugs or anything like that). Other than that, we have been lucky enough to remain healthy and employed, so you can’t really ask for more than that right now. I hope you and dad are continuing on as best as possible, I know it’s been an incredible struggle for you


        • Thanks. Glad to hear you’re okay. I try to keep reminding myself that on some level we are lucky to have the struggles we have. “Everything could be so much worse,” is my constant mantra.


  2. JFC. I was literally thinking “HANNIBAL EATS PEOPLE!” as I was reading all of that. He did not destroy Mason Verger because he was a moralist. He did it because he was an opportunist.


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