Is this Armitage’s formerly annual Christmas message?

~ by Servetus on December 17, 2021.

9 Responses to “Is this Armitage’s formerly annual Christmas message?”

  1. Ha! I was wondering the same, whether this is supposed to be his xmas message…

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    • I was thinking that I used to eagerly await this and now it’s very different. But in the days when he only communicated every six months to a year, it was a bigger deal.

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  2. […] what do we think, will we get a Christmas message from Mr A, or were his donation appeals it, as Servetus asked? Or possibly the text accompanying the JustGiving site that RA set up for donations to Pancreatic […]


  3. I hope not!

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  4. My first thought when I read he was fundraising was to think he would be doing a fundraising activity rather than requesting donations from his fans. I would be happy to sponsor him if the former was the case. ☺


    • I guess he’s no longer planning to run the London marathon. Haven’t heard anything about that in years and years.


  5. Well I hope not… that’s more like Markus and Tom’s message 🙂 as to the other cause very worthy, maybe he’ll get involved in more activities? Wait and see I guess

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