Flashbacks to Berlin Station setting frustration

This article about how viewers who know feel about the apparent geography of Stay Close made me laugh in sympathy.


The Silver Jubilee Bridge. The cinematographer has a thing for this bridge on the level of my obsession with Richard Armitage’s thumb. 


But I remember listening to Olen Whatshisname go on about how “this is Berlin you will recognize” and then being crushed when I saw how they played fast and loose with Berlin geography, rushing seriously wounded characters to the most inconvenient possible hospital and so on. I was truly homesick for Berlin at that point, and it really was aggravating. Stay Close skeptics, you have my sympathies (and some of your tweets about the need for Satnav are hilarious).

Speaking of this general region: yesterday in “intro to philosophy” I was talking about harm reduction and whether it can be defined as utilitarian, and during the preparation I learned that one of the pioneering programs in harm reduction was developed in Liverpool / Merseyside (in the general region where Stay Close was filmed). Too bad Harry Sutton couldn’t have benefited. But the plot was convoluted enough as it was.

~ by Servetus on January 12, 2022.

9 Responses to “Flashbacks to Berlin Station setting frustration”

  1. Now I’m looking forward to complaining about Father Quart roman wandering 🤣

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  2. I always think that locations will never be completely accurate in fictional settings anyhow so I never get upset about it (it’s fiction, after all). However, I do find it interesting to hear from locals how these settings differ from real life. 🙂

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  3. I’ve felt similar frustration watching unfeasible journeys in dramas set in my home town but these SC articles are such silly puffs. Many dramas play around with locations and the places are imaginary in SC anyway (although the Sat Nav remark is funny!)

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    • I guess they just spruced up that bridge and I assume they got some kind of film subsidy from the region, no? So of course they want to show the shiny things.

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