Maxwell Smart usually makes me think of something else

~ by Servetus on October 25, 2022.

11 Responses to “Maxwell Smart usually makes me think of something else”

  1. Now I can’t shake the tv show theme song from my head

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  2. I am old enough to remember all the hype around ‘Charlie’
    That was WW2 but never made it to the screen
    This might be a small role, perhaps the chance to ski is the lure.


    • I remember that, too. I remember not being sad about its disappearance, either. I see he’s not in the top eight billed. I guess we’ll see. (I hope)


  3. He 357km away from me.

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  4. woo hoo! Northern Ontario – North Bay is pretty far from me but hey, it’s still in Ontario! Hope he brought his parka.

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  5. I chuckle at the name every time I see this project discussed, then I immediately feel super-awful for chuckling given the seriousness of the subject matter.


  6. […] Maxwell Smart usually makes me think of something else (October 25): Armitage insta about a new project based on the novel, The Boy in the […]


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