Hope this is not sacrilegious

I was looking at the picture I chose below for the interview with LadyKate63 and thinking that Guy looked almost Christ-like. I sort of shook that image off, thinking it had something to do with the discussion of redemption, but it wouldn’t go away, and then I remembered Robert Powell as Jesus in “Jesus of Nazareth” (1977), one of the blockbuster miniseries of my childhood. Same facial hair, piercing blue eyes surrounded by plenty of white, same expression with the mouth, same ecstatic near-death look in the eyes … I remember being totally electrified by Powell (I was 8).

~ by Servetus on April 12, 2010.

10 Responses to “Hope this is not sacrilegious”

  1. not stpeed on any toes here 😀
    a certain resemblanec is undeniable but I remember watching a fascinating programme at Christmas where scientists and artists gave us the “true face” of Jesus… didn’t even remotely look like this 😀
    and I can’t help but wonder if Lovelace’s face on his death bed would have looked similar 😀


  2. I agree, no chance the historical Jesus looked like either Robert Powell or Richard Armitage.


  3. No offense taken here. Teena made a great point. Robert Powell is not really Christ, so how can it be sacrilegious?


  4. Well, I developed a pretty serious crush on the Christ of that film as a little girl. That was definitely sacrilegious … maybe that was why I titled the post that way.


  5. I think that’s one of the reasons the second commandment exists. 😀


  6. […] because it was so obvious based on our religious life what we could or couldn’t watch, though problems like this one were always creeping in — but it was only as a junior in college that I started to figure out […]


  7. […] Richard Armitage play Louis or Lestat (or, which I didn’t realize at the time: Jesus. I had thoughts like that early on that bugged me a bit). One interesting thing about vampires in Harkness’s novel is that their […]


  8. […] and if no better words were available than the ones he was given, I have to agree. As it was, the script verged occasionally over into the realm of inappropriately Christlike, and it didn’t help that Armitage appeared to be channeling Robert […]


  9. […] more closely they don’t look so much alike, but still. I had commented on this resemblance once, a long time ago; I find it a little disconcerting even […]


  10. […] one of the first big blockbuster television miniseries, which were really popular in the late 70s (Jesus of Nazareth is the first I remember). Networks ran a solid month of advertising to make sure we’d clear space in the calendar for […]


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