Obsession update: First week of school

Not up to much this week as the beginning of semester hit. Also, an advance warning that I won’t be posting from Wednesday until Saturday this week. I rest assured that there will be lots of good stuff to read in the rest of Armitageworld, though: see blogroll at the right margin. One assumes more Spooks advance publicity will appear, though I am going to try to stick to stuff that is solely Armitage related and try not to learn any more about the series content than I already know. In terms of worthwhile stuff I note already:

  • I was the last person to see this, and flattered that Avalon’s version of Mr. Armitage thinks I am sassy and have good taste; though the first is certainly a quality I don’t associate with myself much, I’d very much like to be seen as a woman of good taste. I still hope, however, that Mr. Armitage is not reading this blog. If I ever run into him in an airport, I’m certainly not copping to having written it as easily as Avalon did (*grin*).
  • If you haven’t looked recently at the wikipedia article on Mr. Armitage, it’s time. KiplingKat seems to have spent a great deal of time toward the end of the summer updating and adding content to it, so that it’s now moved well beyond its previous content, a bare listing of facts and an assertion about his relationship status with five footnotes, to become something that’s actually interesting to read about him, including a description of his ideas about acting and lots of quotations. It’s a nice length without going overboard, too.
  • Interesting discussion at RAFrenzy about CWS.
  • Phylly considers the relevance of North & South as a model for labor-management relations. Happy Labor Day, North Americans. (Yes, in Canada too! In Germany the corresponding holiday is celebrated on May 1.)
  • ETA: Forthcoming discussion of LOTN audiobook on Vulpes Libres. Yes.

My Armitage consumption since the last obsession update:

  • all of Spooks 8 in tiny little pieces as I figured out how to download it, finally. Armitagemania is instructing me in all kinds of things I never suspected I’d need to know. Can torrents be far away? Probably not, with the advent of Spooks 9 awaiting us.
  • Speaking of that, I’ve decided to learn how to use the iMovie software on my Mac, if only to make more precise cuts of Armitage’s scenes in order to illustrate this blog. I’m getting to the point of wanting to say things that are not easily illustrated via still photos. I’m not sure when I will get to this — certainly not before the holidays are over — but before Christmas.
  • And that puts me on to the topic of vids — I’ve got a list of two songs that I think would be perfect for vids and as far as I can tell haven’t been used yet. So I am thinking of trying to vid. That will probably have to wait until after Christmas, though.
  • Joined a fanfic forum that’s been recommended to me several times. Often flipping to particular pages of fic that I love, especially when I get annoyed by life, for a few paragraphs of joy. Key: The Countess 6; Gruinard Project 16; Bleak Midwinter 2 for the scene with John and the sheepdog; Truce 4; Five Things Marian Never Learned …; I’m sure everyone is aware that Grant What I Wish updated very satisfyingly this week. And of course, my mainstay fic, Lady of Nottingham 5. If you click on these links be aware that they all have explicit moments. I read more fic than this but these links are publicly available.
  • Three or four listens to disk 1 of LOTN. My MO with these audiobooks has been to listen to each disk until I felt like I had noticed everything worthwhile about them. It took me three months to get to the end of Sylvester. At this rate, it may be the end of the academic year before I finish this. Every second of LOTN is just SO good. I feel like there’s a stronger synergy between this role and Armitage’s voice than with the Heyer books. One on level that’s obvious, since Uhtred is a man and the narrative voice of Heyer’s books feels so female; on the other, it’s a compliment to how well Armitage does Heyer that we don’t discount his reading on that basis. I’m also really intrigued by how well he moves between the perspective of the young man of 21 and Uhtred the old man, who’s actually narrating here.
  • All of Venetia once while sorting through mail and unpacking book boxes, etc. If I can’t be rescued by Uhtred, Damerel would be my second choice.
  • The end of Cold Feet 5. Oof in terms of the series plot; I was not anticipating Rachel’s death. This is not a great role, but it’s intriguing what Armitage does with it.
  • Disk two of North & South twice. Gosh, that proposal scene.
  • Iraq section of Strike Back twice; Zimbabwe section once. I’ve discovered with this particular piece that there are parts involving Porter that I don’t like to watch because they are just too raw, and I think that’s why I haven’t watched the Afghanistan chunk very often.
  • Spooks 2.1 and 2.2. I am trying to get to the backstory of various things and have conceded that I will have to watch this whole story.
  • Purchased season 1 of Ashes to Ashes, based on Armitage’s statement that Keely Hawes in this production epitomizes his personal discovery of girls. Haven’t watched it yet, though. I’m going to have to start drawing a line here in attempting to understand Armitage. On the one hand I feel like he’s expanding my intellectual and cultural world significantly; on the other, this is potentially both bewildering and expensive.
  • If you have been thinking that I’ve been avoiding Robin Hood for the last several months, you’d be right.

~ by Servetus on September 6, 2010.

14 Responses to “Obsession update: First week of school”

  1. Thanks for catching us up on your Armitage activities.

    I was also taken aback with Rachel’s death in CF. No, not a great role, but RA still made something special out of Lee. I suspect in someone else’s hands Lee would have been a total turn-off for me. Same thing with John Mulligan. And it’s not just his good looks, there is that something else–humanizing the character, letting us see the good and the bad, all the shades of grey that allows me to appreciate something in each character Richard plays.

    His narrative abilities are just amazing, aren’t they? That the same man who gives us Cornwell’s fierce warrior throughout his life also does the light and frothy Heyer books so well rather slays me. What a talent!

    Watched Ashes to Ashes on BBCA; you’ll love it.

    I want to write an extended Lucas fic at some point, so I probably need to get those first two series of Spooks to add to my collection to, as you say, fill in the back stories. At least I won’t have to invent so much as I have had to with “Truce.”

    Avoiding Robin Hood? I haven’t re-watched in a while. Still have trouble dealing with the idea of Guy being dead (not to me, he isn’t).

    And finally, thank you for the shout-out once again for “Truce.” I am most flattered.
    If I wrap up 18 as planned tonight and MillyMe gets the proofed version back to me sometime tomorrow, I should have it posted by tomorrow night. The plot continues to thicken . . . can’t believe I’ve only two chappies to go.

    We’ll miss you later this week but look forward to hearing from you again when you return. We’ll try to keep the home fires burning.


    • it’s gotta be frustrating to invent a back story and then get a different one in process of writing, e.g., in True, JP has sisters who’ve emigrated, but Mr. Armitage states on the SB DVD that JP has siblings in the military. Does that bug you, or can you live with it? For the purposes of your story I thought having sisters really humanized him and explained why he was able to relate so easily both to Layla and Alexandra.

      If what’s happened in the past holds true, I’ll miss you guys a lot, too. Though synagogue is the last atmosphere in which I can envision Richard Armitage, so I am hoping for some real distraction from him for a change.


      • Well, yeah, I sort of had an “uh-oh” moment when I saw that about JP and his military siblings. But then I said, “Hey, this is my version of JP and his life and there’s room for many interpretations of it in the realm of fanfic.” I feel Mr. A would be OK with that. So, I can definitely live with it. By going ahead and plunging into writing “Truce” I had to accept some spanners might be thrown into the works along the way, and who knows what S2 will bring? (Better writing with more character development, one hopes, but one doesn’t count on it, does one? . . . Still willing to offer my services on the romantic front, of course.)
        I went with the back story of his older sisters for the reasons you mentioned: to make it easier for the reader to relate to him as a regular person and not just the Killing Machine Soldier and to see why he could build a good rapport with these two key females in his life.

        Funny, but my husband, who has no sisters and three older brothers who all served in the military, although only one made a career of it, gets along fabulously with women and seems to understand them better than the average fellow. My female co-workers, sisters-in-law, sisters, nieces–they all love him. So older sisters are certainly not required! *wink*

        I hope you find the desired distraction from RA, midear.

        I read through your latest blog post early this morning re Ugly Americans when my brain wasn’t at its best (still can’t quite shake the weird headaches) but I am still digesting it and will post some thoughts later today.


        • In Joss Whedon’s universe (Buffy/Angel) there’s actually a term for a fanfic not working due to a subsequent canon development: Jossing. The worst example I can think of, though, was not a fan fic but the entire Tommyverse. During the last episode of “St. Elsewhere” it was revealed that the entire show had taken place in the mind of an autistic child named Tommy. Between spin offs and crossovers this meant that upwards of 200 television shows had taken place in this kid’s mind until one single episode of “Buffy” where Buffy tells Giles to not “Scully” her, a reference to the XFiles as a television show. He Jossed the entire Tommyverse.


        • There are a lot of variant backstories for Guy, too, that precede the RH S3 version of his life.


  2. You must have an iron willpower to not listen straightaway to the rest of LOTN.

    Ashes to Ashes: it’s amazing but you might wanna watch Life on Mars (UK) first or at least read a synopsis because you will understand / appreciate A2A more if you do.


    • LOTN: it’s that I’m so entranced after each disk that I want to hear it again right away. I’m always waiting for that effect of delight to fade slightly before I’m ready for the next one. This is hard with Mr. Armitage. I really think the only reason I’ve finished Venetia is because I was listening to it the first time while driving very late at night and needed the plot thrills to keep me awake.

      Ashes to Ashes: say it ain’t so, Joe! The amount of TV I’m committed to watch is exploding the boundaries … 🙂 I think I’m starting to be like your husband, got my things I’ve just got to watch!


  3. This post was very helpful because S you were NOT the last to see that and I wouldn’t have spotted Phylly’s post right away either. I’ll be keeping an eye on Vulpus as I truly enjoy the audio experience. After Disk 4 of LOTN I don’t feel the need to read along anymore or to start over. Tomorrow I’ll have more uninterrupted time and in a few weeks a lot during solitary overseas travel. I finished all the Lucas North fic one still in progress from Blackpearl23456 on Wattpad. What a way to fill in the wait even if it’s AU. For those who love the romance of North &South, look for TrudysTattle on Wattpad. She managed to gain more votes than Kleindog!


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