[Half done with commencements. Much hugging, congratulating, telling parents what a great job they did, telling students they have what it takes to do well in the world. Finding the right words. The big university ceremony is tomorrow! Here we are praying for cool, dry weather. It’s to take place outside and faculty have to wear their full academic garb: calf-length robe, hood, hat, for several hours.]

At 3:34 a.m. UTC + 2, I counted 127 unique comments — this is really great, and with the combination of matching contributions from anonymous angels and other friends, that means that right now we’ve got a guaranteed donation of $633.75 — a quarter of the way to five hundred comments total, but due to the structure of the challenge, already just over half way to our total possible donation of $1,200!

On top of this, there are other challenges going on, and I’ve heard whispers that many of you are donating in larger amounts independently. That’s great!

But we still need


comments to make it all the way to the

total challenge donation.

So brilliant job so far, everyone, but we need to speed it up! The challenge ends with the close of the Te Kotahitanga Global Telethon on Sunday.

Get your comment in here

if you haven’t, tell your Armitage friends. I await you!

Thanks to everyone who’s participated in this endeavor or donated in other ways, openly or silently.

Donate directly to the Te Kotahitanga Global Telethon HERE.

[Comments closed to permit you to comment on the challenge post. I promise I’ll write some new Armitage stuff as soon as the Telethon has ended, so don’t go away!]

~ by Servetus on May 21, 2011.

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