Armitagemania: Evidence I’ve still got it bad announces a third Captain America trailer with the following comment: the new trailer “shows a very brief shot of Richard as Heinz Kruger being kicked by Steve Rogers (25 seconds in), which was filmed at the Albert Dock in Liverpool.” And I’m clicking right over there! To see the back of Mr. Armitage (or a stunt man) getting kicked.

Earlier this week, from the same source:

Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger in a publicity still from the upcoming film, Captain America. Source:

And what did I think? He’s really got his evil on there. Hmmm, we’re going to see Mr. Armitage in a double-breasted suit. Will be interesting to evaluate.

And for some reason, this photo is transfixing me.

Richard Armitage (2004). Source:

It’s some combination of the wornout jeans (I’ll admit I’m asking: who patched those for him? mum?), the long, long expanse of leg, which is accentuated by the leaning pose and the confusing visual depth of the angle at which the wall meets the ground, the shoes he’s wearing (I love that we almost never seem him in tennis shoes), and the shirt / overshirt combination. That blue shirt is just perfect for him, and I’ve seen very few photos of him in that shade of green …


Back later today, I hope.

~ by Servetus on June 5, 2011.

27 Responses to “Armitagemania: Evidence I’ve still got it bad”

  1. I love this one, too. Something captivating about the long, long legs encased in those jeans, that pose and the odd wall behind him . . .

    I totally agree. Heinz looks like a very, very nasty fellow indeed. And yet another character distinct and different from the rest.


  2. Armitagemania? Why fight it? 😀 We’ll grow up some day (I DON’T hope).

    Had not seen that photo before. The verticals, the textures and the colours, with only a faint echo of the green jacket in the cobbles. (The green shirt in MI5 S7- Dean ep?). Photo suggests need for more visual analysis… haven’t even focused on the face or tufty hair yet.


    • I recognized the shirt too. I thought MI-5 or an interview. Dean episode sounds about right.


      • He wears a green shirt in 7.6, but not that shirt (unfortunately)


        • Yep! I double-checked and it was a green long-sleeved tee shirt or sweater just as I remembered. Not often we see him in that colour but he suits it too, maybe because his skin tones match his natural red-brown hair.


  3. Not sure why I’m not looking forward to CA; I think 40’s super hero and my mind wanders. But I’m really trying to keep an open mind.

    They actually sell ripped and patched jeans. They used to be called ragbag; now it’s expensive fashion. Meh.

    I do love a tall man. Mmmm. He does remind a gal she’s still alive, doesn’t he?


  4. On the jeans…he probably bought them that way. He has a little rock star in his wardrobe, between the distressed jeans, leather jackets, boots and neck gear.


  5. Just dawned on me where I’d seen those jeans…the 05 “levitating” shot. He must really like those jeans!!


  6. @NB what is that 05 levitating shot? Reference, please! 😀


  7. RAnet…Promo 05. He’s holding a cup of tea in front of gorgeous yellow wallpaper!


  8. Thanks NB! Interesting to not associate colour with RA in general. Despite that it has become clear that natural colouring is reddish-brown. And more light than dark. The power of design artists in the form of make-up/costume/producers, who see the features in stark terms, and work to highlight those facial bones and structure to dramatic effect? Which has worked beautifully, actually.


    • @fitzg Have you seen the two thumbnails on today from SB2? Wow! I was almost shocked to see that his hair looks like it’s back to his “natural reddish-brown” colouring and when you enlarge them it is even more obvious. Definitely not the dark brown with hints of red when the sun was shining on it as in SB1. Reminds me more of John Standring’s colouring!


      • I immediately thought the same thing when I looked at those screencaps earlier–that looks very close to his natural color.
        Did Porter run out of dye in the desert? 😉


        • Yeah! Maybe no drugstores around to keep those roots touched up! 🙂 Must certainly be healthier for his hair! It couldn’t have been good for it to have it dyed all the time – even though he does/did look stunning with it!! I’m kinda hoping he won’t be totally grey in TH!! I’m dying (no pun intended) to see what they will make him look like. Sir PJ did say Thorin would give “Leggie” and others a run for their money in the looks dept.!! We’ll swoon anyway, won’t we??


          • Yeah, considering how often they had to touch up his hair, it is really good for it to get a break.

            I have a crush on an actor called Peter Dinklage who happens to be a dwarf. (Absolutely amazing in a movie called “The Station Agent.”) He is in “Game of Thrones” on HBO right now. Now, he’s not made up to look old, but I gotta say he’s one sexy dwarf as Tyrion! 😀 Somehow, I suspect if anyone can make a 200-year-old hairy dwarf charismatic–it’s Richard Armitage.


  9. I’ve really started noticing the focus of some of the Richard Armitage promo pictures. In the top picture of Heinz Kruger holding the gun, look how stark he is compared to the character in the foreground. Often when I create my graphics, I extract the main character and often don’t use the “feathering” techniques because I like the sharp contrast of the the character against his surroundings. Something in my psyche is attracted to that little detail.


  10. @bbmee, yes, there is an allure to that setting of characters against a certain background; the purpose of the background being to define something of the characters. I don’t know if we see it the same way, but one of my favourite scenes, visually, is from S7. The tall vertical figure of Lucas, and the tallish figure of Ros, within the columns of the British Museum portico. I have to search your site, to find more of your vision!


    • Totally agree with you, fitzg, about those scenes! I’ve always loved how he looked there; the pea-coat with the collar turned up, those extra-long jean-clad legs, the close-ups that showed those thick long eyelashes and the high-necked blue-grey sweater that he looks so yummy in when we see him later minus the pea-coat!(seem to be an over-abundance of hyphens here!! I rest my case!) 🙂 The later scenes (again with jeans and pea-coat but this time wearing a dark blue shirt) with only Lucas and Marlin is superbly played by Richard. Another great example of how he can act with his eyes alone if you look at detailed screencaps of these scenes. What is enacted is all there in his eyes. And such eyes!! Oh! He is so DELICIOUS!!


  11. […] long conversation about it!), and Captain America, which I’m only going to see because my Dear Friend has been pumping up enthusiasm so effectively. And there are the weightier films — I’m […]


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