From vlog #6: Armitage (?) mounted

Richard Armitage or his double? Hope it’s him, because he looks like he’s enjoying himself.

~ by Servetus on March 1, 2012.

17 Responses to “From vlog #6: Armitage (?) mounted”

  1. Everyone looked tickled to death in this installment! And NZ is obscenely beautiful.

    I am generally not at all a fan of December, but I. CANNOT. WAIT.


  2. Thank you for alerting us to the new vlog.


  3. I think the horse is ‘doubling’ a camel poor RA was it RA taking a photo with his hair neatly controlled in a hairband reminded me of ‘Cats’ LOL


  4. I have never commented before, I have only found your blog in the last few weeks, I have read most of it through from the beginning. (I read on my phone a lot so you became my new “book”) My husband knows about my RA crush (“so that is why we are watching Captain America”). With your blog I can induldge my interest without it taking hours in the day (though the reading of your blog has taken a while!)

    I wanted to comment tonight to say there was mention of the horses in a previous blog. They have made horses up to look like ponies as there is no way that the ponies could carry the weight of the actors plus the heavy weight of the costumes. If you imagine RA getting off and standing next to his horse and how tall he is, he would stand shoulder to shoulder with the horse so this is a good sized horse. I hope you don’t mind me posting and finally joining in. I never tweet about RA or put anything on facebook except Hobbit blogs, it is just too private, but I hope I can come back here.


    • Thanks for the comment and the kind words, CFB — welcome to the blog. We’re definitely a “more the merrier” crowd here. I’m honored that you would read the whole thing.

      Thanks for the info about the horses as ponies — that totally makes sense. I was trying to figure out where they’d get pony to carry *him*. Would have to be one sturdy pony.

      Anyway, you are certainly welcome to come back.


      • Thank you. I just found there were so many references to older blogs that it just made it easier to go back. It was also great following the build up to big things like the trailer release and the blogs by PJ and how everyone reacted, knowing what was coming!


        • Thanks for the perspective — I’m always happy when people find “back issues” interesting, but I sometimes wonder what value it has beyond that — but the record of the fandom from my perspective is there for people to recap if they like.


  5. Hi Servetus!
    Thanks for the screencaps. That scene is so funny and Richards grin when the horse shakes his head is beyond cute!


    • yeah, he’s definitely gotten more sovereign on horseback! Thanks for the comment and welcome.


      • Maybe the horse is more compliant than Ricky 😉

        Thanks for the Welcome. I am reading your blog for a while now but never comented before


  6. […] although of course I’d have been happy to see more of him. I found these glimpses delightful. At first I thought it was because he looked happy, and that does play a role. Servetus loves a smiling Armitage. In line with that, I agree with what […]


  7. What is the best job in the world ? Hair extensions!!!:D
    I love horses and I love Mr.Armitage!
    Thanks for the screencaps,Servetus!:)


  8. […] March, 2012. Vlog #6 for The Hobbit. Aside from debates about which dwarf was Armitage in the wet scenes, we got that wonderfully […]


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