Collateral attractions: Can I donate to Tiny Lego Dwalin?


Signalboosting some information from Jazzy about the charitable activities of one of our favorite collateral attractions, Graham McTavish. Even to take place Sunday, May 11th. Donate to support his walk here.

I wonder if Tiny Lego Dwalin will go on the walk?

Graphic stolen from the Graham McTavish Army tumblr.

And, as Jazzy notes, please don’t forget spReAd the love. The current challenge, till the end of May, in honor of Richard Armitage’s role in Urban and the Shed Crew, is to donate to a charity that helps children at risk. I haven’t done mine yet but I plan to as soon as grades are in.

What are we waiting for?

~ by Servetus on May 4, 2014.

8 Responses to “Collateral attractions: Can I donate to Tiny Lego Dwalin?”

  1. Thanks for the signal boost!


  2. […] was a donation made to Graham McTavish’s Kilt Walk charity effort that was signal boosted by Servetus and JazzBaby…kilts […]


  3. If I make a donation this month where do I post it for the spreadthelove challenge?


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