It’s August and Armitage Day’s a-comin’

Armitage Day is the expression that some of us coined a few years ago for August 22nd, Richard Armitage’s birthday. He’ll be 43! Longer-term fans know the score, but for newbies: there will be various opportunities to leave birthday greetings for Mr. Armitage. has just posted its annual birthday greetings roll — you can leave a message here and it will be forwarded to Armitage’s agents. This is a fun page to read just because it reprises Richard Armitage’s last year and this has been a huge year for him. The different fan greetings are neat to read as well.

The fan forums usually send individual greetings to his agent via a comment thread — I will post those links as I see them.

The spReAd the love folks are running a challenge related to Into the Storm, designed to end on Richard Armitage’s birthday. Please consider participating!

I’ll probably be doing some variation on my annual August 22nd charity comment game. So make sure to visit here on Armitage Day for a chance to donate vicariously to ChildLine.

And, of course, the gift that extends giving even further, a donation to Richard Armitage’s JustGiving charities, is always a great option.

~ by Servetus on August 2, 2014.

2 Responses to “It’s August and Armitage Day’s a-comin’”

  1. And Twitter, even though he’s not really there. It’s always a party.


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