Richard Armitage in Brunello Cucinelli: Cheap at twice the price?

I was thinking today about what to do with my New York Times subscription and was paging through idly and found this reflection on Brunello’s clothing, and its cost / value ratio. (The author, Jon Caramanca, can’t afford to buy the clothes himself, or at least not at retail, but — enraptured — he drops a lot of poetic pose that assures us they’re worth what they cost. I think I need to read more fashion writing. I thought this was a great article although I was not in the least sold on the general point.)

Caramanca writes:

You never want your clothes to speak for you. Better they should whisper.

The cut, the fit, the color, the details: They should all conspire to communicate ease and confidence. Brunello (we’re on a first-name basis, at least in my mind) is a details guy. He makes clothes that whisper for you.

Wear them, and instantly start making better decisions. You’ll telegraph confidence, not cocksureness. Old ladies will trust you when asking for a hand when crossing the street. The younger you wouldn’t have known how to wear these clothes, but at the sunrise of true manhood, and thereafter, they’ll fit perfectly.

As you know, I didn’t feel that all of Armitage’s Brunello Cucinelli fit perfectly.


Yael Farber introduces the main event at the premiere of The Crucible on Screen. Robert Delamere, Yael Farber, Richard Armitage, unknown person. December 2014, London. Source was Twitter but I don’t remember who.


I thought it was interesting that something I had a problem with — the way that double-breasted suit fit when Armitage put his hands in his pockets — is actually something Caramanca praises about it:

And the way the double-breasted blazers are styled — fastened at the top, with the bottom yanked behind the hand in the pocket, as if it were trying to win a race around your waist — suggests insouciance mixed with purpose. You’re an able juggler, it screams, getting things accomplished while still having fun.

I thought it looked frumpy above, but I think Hariclea liked it (although I can’t find her post at the moment). That said, I think if I look at this picture of the same outfit, I get what he’s saying:

Richard Armitage in Brunello Cucinelli

Samantha College, Richard Armitage and Robert Delamere at the premiere of The Crucible on Screen, London, December 2014. Source: Ilaria Urbinati

I did like this Brunello Cucinelli suit better than the double breasted one, but I don’t think it makes Armitage look like a man of substance. Rather, I liked it because it had so much style although it appeared casual and sort of light on its feet:

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This jacket doesn’t look all that great below. But now it strikes me that we never got a very good picture of the whole outfit. In some of the pictures of that event, his trousers looks really good. Still, maybe I was reacting to my euphoria around that moment more than to the look of the suit itself.

Richard Armitage Brunello Cucinelli

Richard Armitage at the Walk of Fame ceremony for Peter Jackson, December 2014. Photo credit on photo. I tried three different ways of embedding it without any luck.

I did realize, however, that we’d seen Armitage in Brunello Cucinelli one time before. I was neutral on the photos themselves, although Guylty commented positively on them several times. The suit does look good, I think:

Richard Armitage, photographed by Blair Getz Mezibov for Esquire, December 2013. Tuxedo by Brunello Cucinelli.

Richard Armitage, photographed by Blair Getz Mezibov for Esquire, December 2013. Tuxedo by Brunello Cucinelli.

One thing that photo definitely proves is something else that Jon Caramanca comes back to again and again: the price.

Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 8.38.49 PM

£217 for a bowtie? In the end, Caramanca recommends treating the store like a museum.

Now that we’ve got the benefit of some cool distance from our first impressions, what do you think? I like the tuxedo better than I did when I saw the first time, the double-breasted suit about the same, and am uncertain about the blue suit.

~ by Servetus on April 6, 2015.

24 Responses to “Richard Armitage in Brunello Cucinelli: Cheap at twice the price?”

  1. Hmmm, I think I will need to see them in person and touch the fabric before deciding.

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  2. I liked all the suits above…the only ones I positively did NOT like was the three piece leprechaun suit from a couple years ago and the shiny red/burgandy one from hte most recent press tour. My all time fav, though, isn’t a suit but that delicious sweater outfit from the Waterstones Q&A he did along with Luke Evans. All time fav. (The hair looked good, too).


    • Absolutely agree…Waterstones hair, face and sweater were my all time fav! I look at those pics, catch my breath and think that I could write a novel about the man that was represented there! There was also something about his demeanor that was SO attractive. Relaxed, sensual, slightly bashful. .. maybe his clothes inspired him to be so. His clothes were whispering and he exuded something special!


  3. All I can think about the price of the bow tie is that I recently bought five pairs of curtains for an awful lot less than that!!! In fact, that’s almost exactly half the cost of the new bed I bought for my spare room. As for the suit cost…

    But cost aside, I generally love any suit he wears. The tux in the photo above looks fabulous…and effortlessly cool. If I favour any suit slightly less it’s more often down to colour, so anything that looks like it’s heading towards brown or beige I’m less keen on, but that’s because they’re colours I don’t like.


  4. Einreiher, Einreiher, Einreiher! Und wenn es dann doch mal eine Zweireiher sein soll, dann BITTE lang genug geschnitten und HÄNDE AUS DEN HOSENTASCHEN (bin ganz atemlos!) Man muss nicht alles tragen können. Mir ist eine dem Körper angepasste Mode allemal lieber, als ein Kerl, der um jeden Preis (=der Preis ist hier das unvorteilhafte Aussehen
    🙂 ) als Kleiderständer fungiert. Eine gute Beraterin sollte das wissen. Aber es ist ja hinlänglich bekannt, dass die Grenzen dessen, was als “passend” (hier mal im Kleidersinne) verstanden wird, natürlich fließend sind und von Land zu Land variieren
    “Alles Geschmackssache”, sagte der Affe und biss in die Seife.
    (Und trotzdem macht es mich ganz verrückt, wenn er (für mich) unvorteilhaft ausstaffiert wird. So!)

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  5. Usually, RA wears suits well. He’s really yummy in them. However, these picture examples show that the wrong suit (and, yes, these are examples of wrong suits for RA’s build) can emphasize his broad hips and even make his legs look short.
    The suit he wore some years ago at the NY premiere was too small for him.
    Of the three in your post, I much prefer the one he wore at PJ’s star revelation, although he looked hot in an over-heated sense, and the shirt was unbuttoned by one button too many, imho.😀


  6. Just realized the double-breasted in the two first pictures is the same suit. Sorry!
    The tuxedo looks good, but the picture is not in full-figure and kind of dark (unable to see details clearly).


  7. L’habit ne fait pas le moine .

    Clothes don’t make the man .
    The cowl don’t make the monk .

    SchÄtze , Kleider machen keine Leute .

    El habito no hace al monje .

    but 🙂


  8. Rather theatrical whisper 😉 esp. tuxedo


  9. Francesco Malto died this w e


  10. They do wax poetically about clothes in magazines, don’t they?
    I understand what he says about clothes and what they can express, but i think also each person is different in that respect. RA doesn’t strike me as somebody who wears these suits to express self confidence and such, probably mainly because they are not really his/him. He gives the job to dress him for public occasions to a specialist and lets her get on with her job and then wears them. What he projects is up to himself, he’s a good actor, he can project anything he wants at a particular time 🙂 We’ve seen him turn aspects of himself on and off according to specific occasions. I don’t think it’s particularly related to clothes. Certainly not to these suits. For me the last photo of him on the horse is for example much more an confident expression of himself 🙂 But those are his own clothes which he wears confidently, comfortably, like a second skin. To me in a way he is much more himself in such casual stuff than in suits for formal public appearances. What i want to say is that i think in the case of RA his personal expression of self confidence is more of the jeans+ leather jacket variety 🙂

    As to the Cucinelli suits i think they are fine suits. I did indeed like the caffe latte one, mainly because for a double breasted one it managed to be extremely form fitting to his form without looking strange. It suited his frames quite well i thought. But the long jacket is not ideal for sticking your hands in your pockets. And i don’t think the rules that apply to Charles 😉 apply to RA in this respect. Let the man stick his hands in his pockets if he so wishes, i his case it is an expression of self-confidence and comfort in that particular situation 🙂 Iliaria just needs to remember this preference and choose jackets that will allow him to do so without doing the complete twist around the waist. That tux is wonderful and suits him very well but the jacket is short enough so that putting hands in pockets does not make it less attractive (same was true for that excellently cut shorter plaid jacket in LA). I really like the blue suit 🙂 So much more his colour and it looks expensive and well made, with a fancy twist due to the discreet lines in the cloth. But at the same time more relaxed and wearable in daytime, i thing great choice. He looked smashing in it, with those great shoes bringing a touch of personality. And he moved in it very confidently and comfortably. Of course it was the event itself which he was happy to participate in, but i think one could tell by how relaxed he moved that the suits also allowed him to do so without thinking twice about the clothes. And buttons to his shirt up or down, everything should bow before that beautiful throat 🙂 I think the advantage of a little peek at that far outweighs any rules 😉 It’s daytime anyway, so less rules apply 😉

    I have no big issue with the price of Cucinelli 🙂 I think they are good enough to justify the prices and he could afford them if he chose to buy them. But suits are not his second skin so no need to invest in them since he would only wear them on red carpet things where you need to wear new stuff often. I do like them for him as a brand in general as they seem to have good enough tailoring and cut that they can give him what is not easily achieved: fairly figure hugging silhouettes for his body build. They don’t distort his body shape and play to its advantages 🙂 Basically he looks in them like the gorgeous man he is and that is good for me. I’m not entirely happy with those sleeves, but i think the LA version proved that probably with enough time for adjustments even that can be achieved. The caffe latte one pull a bit around the upper seams at the arm but that may also be to somebody ruining it in ironing. Although not all colours are my favourite i generally like the cloth they use and the colours and at the same time they are not too plain, either the colour is a bit more original (was the aubergine in Paris also a Cucinelli? loved that) or there are interesting details in the material like discreet lines.

    Basically to me he is lovely even if he wore a potato sack 😉 But i think Ilaria made a good choice with Cucinelli for formal occasions, i like how they work and how they dress men. There is a certain style about their clothes, classy without being stuck up and they carry a bit of Italian flirtiness about them 🙂


  11. I like the Tux, the blue suit is okay and I dislike the double breasted 🙂


  12. I disliked the plaid jacket and navy pants he wore to the Hobbit: BOTFA premiere in LA. My all-time favorite was the suit he wore to the Berlin premiere.


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